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By AxelStone

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27-04-2017, 21:50

ARTRAG wrote:

@Axelstone: Better sprites : easy work, use soft sprites

If you plain to introduce scroll, perhaps it's not a good solution since they are going to consume practically all VDP operations and there is no power to make scroll. However it is a very interesting aproach: a port with no scroll (like actual) but doing the best possible graphics (SW sprites and a tileset as complete as possible).

Let's make a Rastan remake! LOL!

By wimpie3

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27-04-2017, 22:01

In suppose you've all seen this Green Beret proof of concept?


Enlighted (6840)

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27-04-2017, 22:15

Very interesting, how does it work?

By ren

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27-04-2017, 22:18

Hmm.. Maze of Galious with MSX2 enhanced sprites/gfx/palette + SCC music? Smile

By Manuel

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27-04-2017, 23:03

ren wrote:

Hmm.. Maze of Galious with MSX2 enhanced sprites/gfx/palette + SCC music? Smile

IMHO there is nothing that could improve this game. It's already perfect. Better work on games that obviously do have flaws, like Rastan Saga or games with bad scrolling.


By Manuel

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27-04-2017, 23:05

How about smoother scroll in Valis II, if possible?

By meits

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28-04-2017, 00:11

And more realistic collision detection...
I remember I quit playing Valis II long ago because I got hit way before got hit. As if the whole tile is the player.

By ~mk~

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28-04-2017, 00:29

alexito wrote:

For Me QBERT from SG1000 (just try SG2MSX with PCEFAN Pack 001)
I want to see Qbert for MSX with Better Color Sprites and the Funny Arcade Voices. Just Dreaming too.

Alexito, there's also the Colecovision version of Q*Bert you can play on MSX using MISSION emulator.
Pretty cool version, maybe even better than the one for SG-1000... no voices either, though.

By PingPong

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28-04-2017, 01:03

Batman the movie on screen 5

By Maggoo

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28-04-2017, 01:20

How about Konami Soccer with smooth movements or Dunk Shot in screen 4 to decrease flickering?

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