5 PHILIPS MSX systems for sale!

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26-04-2020, 10:10

I have 5 Philips MSX systems available for sale. Most of the systems are still with original packaging and were not used a lot. The available systems are:
1 Philips MSX2 VG-8235
1 Philips MSX VG-8020
2 Philips MSX VG-8010
1 Philips MSX VG-8000
Furthermore I also have a printer VW0030 and a floppy drive VY0010. All systems were tested (you see the blue screen on the TV) but unfortunately I couldn't test more as I don't know a lot about the MSX systems and how to use them. There's also a bunch of other accessories with the systems and several games but I don't have a cassette data recorder, so there's no way to test the games (actually for me).
You can find some nice pictures at www.willhaben.at/iad/kaufen-und-verkaufen/d/philips-msx-heim...

If questions are coming up, please don't hesitate to contact me!

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By josey

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28-04-2020, 08:37

hi , please contact in josey_w31@hotmail.com , thanks


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29-04-2020, 17:55

PLEASE CONTACT IN eloysola@hotmail.com

By Manuel

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30-04-2020, 01:17

Wow, that's a neat set. Where did you get this, with all these manuals and all?
The 8235 is the German version, cool!