Largest collection in the world for sale

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By ChaosDM

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14-10-2005, 11:39

Hi there,

I am selling my complete collection of computers (over 570 different ones).
If you are interested in some computer(s) from my collection, just mail me at info AT fki DOT be (replace AT by @ and DOT by .) and I'll add you to the list of possible buyers. I will then mail you back explaining how I intend to sell the computers.
As you can see from my 100% positive feedback on Ebay (member ChaosDM) this is not a scam, but a serious sale. I don't
want to go through Ebay directly, because listing 570 different items separately would take AGES!
Anyway...the list of the collection can be seen here :

There are a LOT of very and ULTRA rare items in there

For example :


Dimitri Kokken

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By Sonic_aka_T

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14-10-2005, 12:21

Damn, that's like what, a $25000 collection you got there?!? Impressive, to say the least! Someone is buying a new car soon! Tongue

By sergem

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16-10-2005, 11:39

f-242 = front 242 ;) ??? the best belgium group ever !
where do u live, because i'm from belgium too an whould like to see and maybe to buy somethings!

By ChaosDM

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17-10-2005, 10:12

Hi Sergem,

yep...F242 = Front 242...I HAD the biggest F242 collection a couple of years ago but also sold that one Smile
I am the owner of an indoor go kart track in Machelen/Vilvoorde...if you want to drop by, no problem...just mail me first.
I N F O @ F K I . B E (remove the spaces)


By andete

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17-10-2005, 12:54

Wow, thats one impressive collection!
You might want to consider contacting Jetze Mellema
he is a big collector of MSXs.

By sergem

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17-10-2005, 22:29

I already sent you an e-mail, so we will see in 2 weeks how things are going with the biddings, i'm not gonna look because I am from Brugge, w-vlaanderen and that's a little to far, but I would suprised myself without bidding on some thing, so lets keep us in touchWink

By secondphase

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22-10-2005, 09:33

i dont want to receive thisd nonses, pls remove me from the list.. i want to buy a system but not like that...ebay is better >>>Hi Dimitri.
Please remove me from this list.but im really not interested in mail from all
people bidding on yout items on my work-mail.

By Repair-Bas

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22-10-2005, 20:28

What is the price for the complete collection.

By Sonic_aka_T

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22-10-2005, 20:41

Showoff! Tongue

By mars2000you

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22-10-2005, 21:21

This kind of reglement is really too complicated. So, for my part, I will not figure on this list and I'll wait for the presentation of the unsold hardware on eBay (??? in 2010 !!!) Evil

FAQ Ver. 0.1 - 19/10/05

If you’re reading this it means that you subscribed to the mailing list I set up for selling/auctioning my complete home computer collection. Also, sorry if there are mistakes in my grammar/spelling, but this is the best I can do.

Here are the “rules” and guidelines…this Version 0.1 is CERTAINLY not final, just a first rough draft.


- First of all : we’re all (at least most of us) collectors…so we all have a) lotsa computers and b) LOTSA PATIENCE!!! Please remember that I am NOT in a hurry to sell, I mean by that that it will take quite a while before everything is sold and as I am not doing this because I am in need of cash (although, cash is nice) I have plenty of time to handle this business in an orderly fashion. As my wife is expecting our second baby around the end of this month (October ‘05) you will also have to understand that, when he/she is born I won’t be able to answer all mails as quickly as now.
My guess is that the first shipment of computers will be around January ’06.

- METHODS OF PAYMENT : I will accept three methods of payment (in order of preference they are) :

* Transfer the money on my bank account. ALL EXPENSES FOR THE TRANSFER ARE FOR THE BUYER. If you live in the EEC there should be NO expenses.

* Cash given when collecting the computers yourself in Brussels/Belgium

* PAYPAL : I don’t like PayPal because they take A LOT of money from you, but as it is so widely used I’ll accept it on 1 condition : BUYER PAYS ALL FEES I HAVE TO PAY FOR! I have checked the PayPal website and I’m charged a 3.4% fee on every amount I receive. I will also have to check if they don’t remove any money when transferring my “PayPal money” onto my bank account…they say they don’t…I’ll let you know. ALSO…payments/transfers/bids HAVE TO BE IN EUROS!!! Otherwise PayPal takes additional money!!! All transfers not in Euros will be refused/returned and remember, you will have lost the conversion fee PayPal charges you.

- People are allowed to make an offer on a “lot” of computers…but I can tell you that it is unlikely that I will accept any of these offers as (logically) selling by the piece will provide a bigger income for me. As I said already : I am not in a hurry and I’m not afraid to have to do some work to get this lot sold.

- I reserve the right to cancel to “whole deal” if someone comes up with a fair offer for the WHOLE collection…I have an amount in mind for that, so if someone offers me that amount he’ll “win” it all…but to be honest, I don’t believe someone will do that, he/she’d be crazy in my book ???

- All computers are sold as NON-WORKING!!!!!!! This is a VERY important part of the deal…when I acquired the computers in the past +/-80% of them were in working condition, but as you all (should) know, a machine that hasn’t been switched on for a loooong time can “explode” (at least, a part inside of the machine) when reconnecting after X-years. I had this happen quite a few times…so I don’t give any guarantees as to it be in working or non-working condition. I sold items in the past through Ebay, checked them before shipping and upon arrival they didn’t work anymore…another reason why I don’t want to give guarantee. The only guarantee I am prepared to give is : if you’re not satisfied with the computer I will refund you upon reception of the computer MINUS ALL THE EXPENSES I HAD i.e. I will refund you the amount you bid on the computer, not the fees, postage costs or any other specials! That’s as fair as can be, I think.

- PICTURES : I don’t promise you that I’ll make pictures of “standard” computers (I’ll decide what is standard). I will describe the physical state as well as possible when you intend to bid on an item. Most pictures of the computers (99%) I’m selling can be found on the web when searching a bit. There are some VERY good websites out there from guys that are on this mailing list as well (not going to name them because I might forget some ? ) Once again…be prepared to be patient if you really want to have pictures. 2 pictures max. per computers.

- POSTAGE COSTS : Please take into account that the Belgium Post office is EXPENSIVE…just like the Royal Mail in the UK (Dutch and German mail is much cheaper). I will buy special boxes (not from the post office if it’s for several computers at once) and bubble wrap. I NEVER received a bad comment on Ebay when selling, so you know I pack the items very well.
Prices can be checked here :

THE BIDDING PROCES : This is obviously the most difficult part of my sale.
The bids have to be in EURO’S…no other bids are accepted…so please, if you’re from the USA, keep this in mind, because 1 Euro is worth more than 1 US$.
To begin with everyone will have to write down an amount behind the item that interests them and this in column "I" of the excel file…each couple of days I will update the excel file with the highest offer in column G and the second highest offer in column H. Then (I guess approx. 1 month after the start of the bidding, I’ll tell you in time exactly when) the first round of bidding will end. He/she who has the 2nd highest bid will then be allowed to bid once more if he/she wants to. If he/she decides to go over the initial highest bid it will have to be with AT LEAST 5% of the current highest bid (this to prevent a raise by 0.1 Euro for instance) After that he/she who had the highest bid will be allowed to do the same once more if necessary or wanted. The logic is then that he/she will then bid 5% more than the last bid of the 2nd highest bidder, it would be silly to bid more than that (but you may of course! ???).

MULTIPLE ITEMS : that’s a small problem of course…therefore I decided to only sell 1 item of each. Later I might sell the remaining doubles on Ebay, if I do so you will be notified.

That's about all I can think of right now...I CERTAINLY am forgetting A LOT, that's where you come in now...please ask me GENERAL questions.

DON'T ASK ME FOR PRICES, PICTURES and other PERSONAL questions. NOTHING HAS BEEN SOLD YET, so don't worry, you'll have your chance to bid.

Oh...many of you asked me why I am selling, well here are the main reasons :
* The passion I had collecting old home computers has kind of "faded away"...and when the passion's gone...
* I am now the proud father (since 15 months) of a daughter and our second will be here in a couple of weeks and almost all of my spare time is spent playing with her (them)...those with kids will understand what I mean.
* We (my wife and I) started building a house and that always costs a lot of, if I can earn some extra with this sale that's nice, it's a bonus so to speak (sale or no sale, we have the funds to build the house, it's just nice to have "more than you need" for unforeseen circumstances, which occur quite often apparently when building)
* I also am the owner of an indoor go-kart centre and that also takes a lot of is going very well, thus : more work (no, I'm not complaining). If you're a buyer and want to pick up the computers here in Brussels a free kart-ride is (of course) included ???

By Haohmaru

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22-10-2005, 23:24


O_O You have a Falcon030 for sale! O_O

/me want! Big smile

(I will send an email tomorrow)

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