Dungeon Hunter light gun control

By Bigby

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17-12-2010, 02:14

Having trouble with the controls for this game.

I've tried the input devices "Gunstick" and "ASCII Plus-X Terminator Laser" , but I can't start the game!

The only way I got the game to start was using "2-button Joystick" and pressing button 2. However I can only move forward, cannot shoot left/right sections. (even after enabling the light gun inputs again)

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By Jipe

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17-12-2010, 15:09

this game work with ASCII Plus-X Terminator Laser
more questions :
hare you playing on a real MSX ?
have you a CRT monitor ?

By ray2day

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17-12-2010, 16:23

The original game comes and works with the "Plus-X" TERMINATOR LASER-gun only. I have one!
I also think a RGB monitor / TV is nessecary for the gun to detect if the fire button is pushed.

More information about it you can find on my website;


By Bigby

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17-12-2010, 17:33

I'm trying to play this game in the BlueMSX emulator.

Nice site by the way! Smile

By st1mpy

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07-02-2021, 11:48