Best MSX game song ever [nominations]

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By snout

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27-07-2003, 13:30

Are you guys ready for another mega-poll? We are! Together with MSX Radio we are going to find out what the best in-game song ever is. (MSX games only, of course :P). As usual, we start with a round of nominations. Please try not to send in every song you know, but only the songs you (really) like.

After the nominations, the MSX Radio playlist will be updated with all the songs that are nominated, so that everyone can listen to the songs if they have difficulty voting. We will let you know when the MSX Radio playlist is updated and start the first round of voting a week later.

About submitting song titles: Even if you know the exact title of an in-game song. Please describe your song like this: [Game tilte] - [Part in the game where you can hear the song], for example:

SD-Snatcher - Introdemo

You can submit tiltes until August 1st, 23:59 (CET)

By Thom

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27-07-2003, 15:01

XAK 1 - Intro
Tower of Gazzel - Intro
SD Snatcher - Church song (KSS 27)
SD Snatcher - Intro (KSS 57)
SD Snatcher - Pre-End (KSS 70)
Penguin Adventure - stage 1 (KSS 4)
Deathwish 3 - common in-game tune
Salamander - story song / intro (KSS 13)
Hype - common in-game tune
Pitfall II - in-game
Venom Strikes Back (Mask III) - intro

By MrRudi

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27-07-2003, 15:05

This is going to be some megapoll Big smile MSX had so many good songs it will be almost impossible to make a *small* nomination list, let alone pick one favorite...

But let's see how it goes...I'll just mention a few here later, have to think about it...or can I nominate only one? I'm a bit of a megapoll newbie Crying

By snout

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27-07-2003, 15:13

MrRudi - you can submit as many titles as you like. The game mega-polls had about 240 contestans each.

By MrRudi

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27-07-2003, 15:47

In that case:

Ys2 - Intro (To make the End of Battle)
Ys3 - Ending (Tabidachi)
Dragonslayer VI - Pirate Caves
SD-Snatcher - First intro (Strange Overture)
SD-Snatcher - Escaping the platform (Triumphal Arch)
Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake - First intro
Auf Wiedersehen Monty (longest song ever on MSX I think)
XaK 1 - Palace of Fire
XaK 3 - Third Intro
Shinkugyokuden - Intro *
Undeadline - Full intro
Rune Worth - Intro

* not many people seem to know this game, or call it differently, it was an MSX2 RPG, with FM-Pac music. Think it was the succesor to Legendary Nine Gems.

That's quite a nice list I think Smile

ps. if MSX-Radio needs recordings of any me Smile

By snout

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27-07-2003, 15:54

ok, my turn

Fray - Introdemo, final part
Fray/Xak - First village theme
Fray - The sad song when Fray finds out Latok isn't waiting for her Tongue
Illusion City - Introdemo, second part
Nemesis 1 - 'battle'

By kanima

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27-07-2003, 16:10

MrGhost (game song i think, only know it from MSX radio)
Sweet Acorn (game song i think, only know it from MSX radio)

By hap

Paragon (2042)

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27-07-2003, 16:32

[Game tilte]

Nemesis - secret stage, SCC version probably sounds better
Auf Wiedersehen Monty - intro
Krak Out - intro
Death Wish 3 - intro
Trailblazer - intro
BMX Simulator - intro
International Karate - intro
Starquake - intro
OutRun (MSX1 version!) - all songs

By Latok

msx guru (3938)

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27-07-2003, 16:45

SD Snatcher - Introdemo, 2nd part. So when the 'snow' starts falling down on Moscow
SD Snatcher - In game, when Randam Hajile makes its/his first appearance
SD Snatcher - Endtune, so when that final photo of the cast is on the screen
D.A.S.S. - Endtune, so when that final photo of the crew is on the screen Tongue
D.A.S.S. - Level music, Flying On A String
Xak, The Tower Of Gazzle - Endtune
Nemesis 2- Endtune
Nemesis 3 - Endtune
Feud - In game music
Usas - Juba Ruins
Usas - Mohenjo Daro

And indeed introdemo from Undeadline. Listened to it just yesterday. Overall, there have already been quite some great nominations! Cool stuff Smile Smile

By anonymous

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27-07-2003, 17:20

Firehawk - all songs

By Low_Profile

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27-07-2003, 17:36

- Starship Rendezvous all songs... especially the endings Smile
- Psycho World, intro and first level BGM
- Aleste II all songs
- Feedback Intro

Can't think of anything else at the moment
But if there's time, we're gonna put the winner of this poll on Arranger Platinum Smile

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