Worst MSX game *EVER*

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By [D-Tail]

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16-06-2004, 21:04

What's your opinion of the worst MSX game ever? Let's start a list of nominees.

  • Konami's Green Beret

Let's continue the crap! Wink

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By snout

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16-06-2004, 21:06

I thought SD-Snatcher was pretty crappy. What a predictable story. And those graphics, what were they thinking at Konami man? I hope they fired the man who was responsible for that game instantly!

(do I really have to explain I'm kidding here? Tongue)

By wolf_

Ambassador_ (10076)

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16-06-2004, 21:14

Harry van Hooren thought so as well Smile and he was a 'respected' crewmember of MCM Smile

By Arjan

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16-06-2004, 21:23

Did anybody actually finish Guido's Lost in Plantinus? Or did everybody give up after playing the first level? Tongue

By Thom

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16-06-2004, 21:38

Namco's F1-Racing was quite bad. Cannot even recall the name...

By Konamito

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16-06-2004, 21:50

The crapiest game is Feedback!!!

By snout

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16-06-2004, 21:52

Feedback? Are you for real? Damn, I played that game for hours and hours and loved it! Smile

By flyguille

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16-06-2004, 22:04

i remember a game called "punch back" ohhh! what shit!!!

By Sonic_aka_T

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16-06-2004, 22:09

I say Contra! You heard me! That friggin game is so ridiculously difficult no even the CPU can beat it! Wink Tongue


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16-06-2004, 22:12

Seed Of Dragon... I don't like he grafix, don't like the gameplay and it doesn't give me the feelin' like: Yeah! I wanna finish this

By Latok

msx guru (3908)

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16-06-2004, 22:26

Not Again!

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