MSX on Mars!

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01-01-2003, 02:32


.... and Mars on MSX !

My real name is Benoît Delvaux and I live in Belgium.

Some of my music friends have called me "Le Martien" because I have some imprevisible feelings for very different music styles (from good quality pop music like The Nits to techno harrdcore like Fear Factory). That's the partial origin of my nickname "mars2000you" on the MSX-Xpress Forums (I'm one of the Super-Moderators !)

Why "2000" ? Because it was the year that I've rediscovered the MSX computer by surfing on Internet, trying the new generation of emulators and beginning my own site !

I'm also very curious to see if the MSX Revival will give us more than the MSX-PLAYer ! As long that the MSX 3 is not a concrete reality before my eyes, I consider indeed that NLMSX, the best emulator, is the MSX 3 !

Why "you" ? Because Internet is a very good way for interactivity and MSX is a very excellent subject !

By the way, beside my MSX hobby, I appreciate much pop/rock music and one of my preferred groups is The Gathering, a Dutch band (it was also the case of the Nits !). I also animate three hours on a free local radio : one hour with hardcore and neo-metal, one hour with gothic-metal and electro-gothic, one hour with progressive rock.

I must also precise that I'm born in 1953 : I've acquired my first MSX 1 (a Sony HitBit) in 1984, replaced it by a MSX 2 (Philips NMS 8280) in (?) 1988 and buyed only in 2001 on eBay a Panasonic Turbo-R A1-ST !

So, I must be one of the oldest MSX fans ... oO

What I prefer with the MSX computer ? Good demos with excellent music (FM-PAC + Music Module) , games that combine action and reflection (The Maze of Galious is a masterpiece !) ...

I'm the webmaster of two MSX sites in French :

Mars Up-One :

MSX Valley :

Special message to the MRC forum Admins : Could it be possible that you change my actual login name "DELVAUX BENOIT" by my nickname "mars2000you" ? I should be very happy and I think also that it should more funny for the users of this forum ! 8)

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By FiXato

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03-01-2003, 14:51

Hiya Benoit! Good to see you Smile

Another introduction thread huh ^_^


That's the partial origin of my nickname "mars2000you" on the MSX-Xpress Forums (I'm one of the Super-Moderators !)

Actually, the forums are renamed a couple of months ago Smile You should now better ^_^

Forums now go by the name:


MSX Affiliates Forums,

founded by MSX-Xpress



By snout

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30-04-2006, 20:27

o.O NLMSX, mars? ^_^

(snout having a good old browse through the MRC forum archives)

By mars2000you

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30-04-2006, 20:46

Wink It was before my blueMSX adventure !

And for the coincidence : I'm trying to translate in French the songs of the Norwegian band Theatre of Tragedy. After the 3 last albums (Storm, Assembly, Musique) written in Modern English, I'm busy with Aégis, one of the 3 first albums, written in Archaïc or Medieval English.
I like puzzles !

By boblet

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30-04-2006, 21:00

I don't like puzzles much.

I do like kittens though!


By mars2000you

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30-04-2006, 21:05


By Manuel

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30-04-2006, 21:08

cat! (/me waiting for boblet's stupid trigger!)

By mars2000you

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30-04-2006, 21:55

The cat is on MSX Café ..... for the chat LOL!

By boblet

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30-04-2006, 23:26

only stupid people wait for stupid things Tongue

By Xan0ri

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02-05-2006, 09:34

Ok, this is not msx related, but I couldn't help to notice mars2000you's interest in pop/rock music.
Maybe you would like to check out my bands website: ..we play pop/rock style music. :D
Everyone else is also welcome to visit our pages also! AND PLEEZ, write something to our guestbook!!

Yep, that's my other hobby besides my beloved MSX SVI-738.