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par wolf_ on 05-03-2009, 23:22
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T&E Soft, the company founded by Tetsurou Yokoyama and Eiji Yokoyama, has brought us some interesting titles in their years. Just think of the Hydlide series, Undeadline, Greatest Driver, Laydock and of course one of the two essential pixel tools: DD-Graph (the other one being Graphsaurus). One of their games is the 1990 MSX2 game Rune Worth, an RPG featuring the usual Japanese language. Thanks to Django's translation efforts, there's now a new version of his partial translation regarding this game!

Relevant link: Passion MSX - Django translations

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Par lionelritchie

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06-03-2009, 22:26

what's different from the last version, django?


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25-03-2009, 06:40

If you haven't seen the difference, it's because you have not the correct version:

on the website of Passion Msx, the download file contains the old and new version.

Par Protoman

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30-09-2016, 03:44

Hello Django! Big smile It seems that your MSX blog links are not working anymore... Is there a new web address to visit? Only the main page at "" is working, which shows your cooking blog. Smile2

Par Akiguchi

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01-10-2016, 17:05

Django has probably stopped his MSX activity, or at least taking a lengthy break. I have a zip file with all the Django translations at my pc.

Par Protoman

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02-10-2016, 02:03

Oh? I see... Shocked! Is it possible to send the zip via email? Thanks a lot!! Smile

Par Hrothgar

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02-10-2016, 13:58

Perhaps the community and the cause of preservation would be better served if the file was posted on a more public place?

Par Protoman

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02-10-2016, 18:37

Yes, I agree! Smile