MSX Hardware Argentina Reloaded

par Carlos_Maidana on 18-03-2010, 23:01
Sujet: Websites

Carlos Maidana's site dedicated to MSX is back online with a new blog layout focused on hardware and software projects for MSX. To celebrate this rebirth, two brand new articles have been published. The first one is about a memory upgrade from 128kB to 512kB for a Talent TPC-310 -an MSX2 computer- suitable for any other MSX computer with the S1985 engine. The second one is about something new and, until now, never seen on MSX: the official ASCII kit to develop disk roms. With this development kit you can write code for a driver in order to use it with any storage device. After that, you can compile the code and flash the resultant image into the EPROM of the device!

Any ideas to improve the site will be welcome!

Relevant link: MSX Hardware Argentina