10th Bonami Retro Fair

par wolf_ on 04-03-2011, 19:32
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This Sunday, March the sixth, the tenth edition of the Bonami Retro Fair will take place. Naturally, MSX and MSX-related organizations will be there too:

  • Bas Kornalijnslijper
  • RKlok
  • Jaap Hoogendijk
  • Delta Soft
  • MSX Resource Center/SuperSoniqs
  • Darkstone
  • MSX Club West-Friesland

There should be two new halls full of retro fun. Address: De Stolp, Apeldoorn, the place is open from 10:00 to 16:00, entrance is a mere 2 euro and there's ample parking place. See you there!

Relevant link: Bonami

Commentaires (3)

Par Huey

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06-03-2011, 19:44

Decided to visit the Fair.

It was great! Although Nintendo is the mainstream (Sega 2nd place) I managed to find some really nice MSX cartridges.

I've played my first Vectrex games and I am really impressed Hannibal. There is even an active scene releasing great games.

Par Creepy

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07-03-2011, 12:05

Not so much MSX stuff indeed. I was hoping to find a joypad but no luck. I guess I have to buy a Genesis pad and rewire it. Good to see a few (big) MSX booths though. Supersoniqs and MCWF had nice big booths. I keep wondering what Darkstone where doing at the fair next to playing MSX games Wink

Par snout

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07-03-2011, 16:55

I arrived late, but there certainly was quite a bit of MSX action going on. The main focus of the fair goes out to trading of second hand games/hardware - a thing you rarely see at MSX meetings anymore. I had good fun!