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Par gflorez

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10-04-2019, 01:19

Another picture with a more detailed view of the same Pachinko PCB:


This web content is from 2015, but the other link on the previous post is from 2006....

Par gflorez

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19-03-2023, 17:32

Doing a simple search I have found some pictures of the PCB of an unknown video device. It has Cinch composite video entries(yellow connectors), power connector at the left, and probably a LCD output on the upper side(large orange connector). It has also a long unused 50 pin header, but let's not see MSX slots every time we found such pattern....

The pictures have very low quality, but the V9990 chip is clearly seen.

Par Prodatron

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19-03-2023, 22:51

I still hope that an FPGA implementation will become reality! There is still a demand for this card Tongue

Par giuseve

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20-03-2023, 19:23


and if the FPGA has enough space ... also OPL4.
Think about a cartridge with GFX9000+OPL4

Par DarkSchneider

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20-03-2023, 19:47

The Zemmix is full I think to read from Kdl.
That should be possible only on larger ones like Mist or similar, and I think Kdl develops the cores for the OCM/Zemmix that are the dedicated MSX ones.

Par erpirao

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20-03-2023, 21:08

v9990 should require at least 12k LE (9958 uses 40% ocm)
the opl4, should require a lot more, at least 25k LE, (18k is the unoptimized opl3 core).
so a fpga with those 2 chips should at least have 30-40k LE.

Par Accumulator

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20-03-2023, 21:32

I am not surprised a V9990 is used in some kind of Audio device.
Sony used the V9938 and V9958 in several audio devices.
One for example is the STR-G1ES, which is a FM-STEREO / FM-AM RECEIVER.
Service Manual

Par gflorez

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21-03-2023, 08:18

I think this is a PCB from another scrapped Japanese gambling machine, that's the most logical relationship to me.

Par gflorez

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22-03-2023, 01:37

Another V9990 PCB. This time the maker is named: Keyence 483-A-C01-01, and it comes from an auction at Korea

Very good resolution pictures. Can you download them before the auction ends and the opportunity is lost?

A lot of components are Japanese, and a sort of CGA video port is seen. Again, I think it is part of a Japanese gambling machine, I don't see the supposed maker on the PCB.

I don't know what Keyence was producing on the 90s. They have a wide range of products, but none of their divisions seem to match with showing pixel graphics on a screen.

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