Retrospectiva 2012 - 3 weeks left

Retrospectiva 2012 - 3 weeks left

par the_woz on 20-03-2013, 20:31
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The Retrospectiva 2012 challenge is nearing its end, with the deadline to submit your entries placed on April 14th, 2013. Retrospectiva is the Argentinian retro competition for 8bit platforms. where participants can submit graphics, music and BASIC games.

Currently there are 24 entries for 6 different platforms:

  • 11 BASIC games
  • 12 graphics
  • 1 song

There's still 3 weeks left until the deadline, so there is time to create a fabulous MSX entry and have a go at the prizes. After the deadline has passed, the voting will be public and the best work of each category will be awarded a tablet computer, courtesy of Fundación Museo ICATEC. The details can be found on the Retrospectiva website.

Relevant link: Retrospectiva