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Par sd_snatcher

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19-07-2014, 15:58

luppie wrote:

Since my monitor has no Scart I have tested it on my Philips HD TV (46")

MSX Turbo-R RGB->Scart Cable:

MSX Turbo-R RGB->Scart Cable->Converter:

I think that the image from the converter is better then without it.

The TV seems to be applying filters in the input. Since they're targeted at natural images, they will cause the weird artifacts you see on the screen. And they also cause the awful lag that most flat TVs have.

Does your TV have a game mode? This should disable all unwanted filtering and reduce the lag to the minimum that your set can handle. More info about it here. BTW, doing this is recommended even when using your converter, since it will reduce the lag anyway.

Par msx fan finland

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08-08-2014, 08:38

hi there,
Now i got even more msx like i said to you before.
sanyo wavy mpc 2 , hitachi msx , national cf 2000 , fm pac original with japanese panasonic covers , rittors msx music composer , CX5M II/128 , and cx5m also , yamaha yk 10 keyboard , etc.
so im collecting msx machines and hardwares ,,,
many thanks to emu t kikku , jauce.com , ebay, paypal , all of YOU here in MRC.
Many thanks to you : onno geerdink , simon vis , marc aellerinck , we have got msx relationship.
we can keep msx alive. many thanks to Tecnobytes too. Keep going MSX !


Par RobertVroemisse

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08-08-2014, 19:18

Just like a 90's scrolldemo: broken English and lotsa greetings...

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