Uridium by Trilobyte - Pre-order the Cartridge set

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Par syn

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17-06-2014, 12:08

Indeed. psg is a square wave generator while scc is basically a sample replayer (wavetable synthesis). So all 3 chips are completely different.

Anyway, congrats on this release guys, a job well done. Great work on the box art etc Eric (and Trilobyte for the game)!

Par Opethian

Master (147)

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17-06-2014, 14:58

eric I sent you a message thanks!

Par max_iwamoto

Hero (644)

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18-06-2014, 06:47

I sent PM about pre-ordering the cartridge, but never got a reply.

Par ericb59

Paragon (1102)

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18-06-2014, 06:54

damn ! maybe fallen in the spam box ?
I will send you a mail, later in the day...
thank you.

Par enribar

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18-06-2014, 09:25

And so... I'm interested too in buying this cart.
Due to lack of time, I didn't follow previous messages, I don't know how to preorder.
Can you count me +1 ?

Par DrWh0

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18-06-2014, 13:16

I want one too!!

Par anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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18-06-2014, 17:11

TheSpecialist wrote:

But I must admit I wonder why the OPL family was chosen, because for example the YM2203 is AY-3-8910 compatible while adding FM channels to it. Then again, that chip was probably avoided due to its association with NEC's PC88 computers.

Interesting thought, and a plausible theory.
Actually, I'm glad it went that way. Just compare the sound of games like Dragonslayer VI, Fire Hawk, Starship Rendezvous, Valis II etc. with their PC88 counterparts, and I think it's pretty clear who wins. Smile

Par MäSäXi

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18-06-2014, 19:50

As I am used to Commodore 64 original, exploding enemy sound effect feel somewhat odd, I was hoping it could be changed to samelike what Commodore original had. Exploding effects do sound clearly usual msx-style, not like the original version, but I can live with that. Smile (Unless you can still modify them for cartridge release?Wink)

In the latest video enemy ships now have black outline, does they have three colours, which is only visible on real machine? Enemies now look a bit like what was used in some japanese msx shooter or Spectrum port with added sprites. Yeah, I am also used to the sprite colours of Commodore 64 original. Smile As it was said game will have 64 sprites maximum, I thought enemies might have same colours as on Commodore. Please do not get me wrong, I am very happy for your efforts, guys! Smile Most MSX´ers probably won´t see or hear anything "wrong", I just happened to play this decades ago on Commodore and I do still remember how it sounded and looked like. Smile And I have pre-ordered the game already. Wink

[edited] Yes, I do understand, black outlines will most probably make enemies look more clear against backgrounds. Two colour enemies without black outline might get a bit lost against some colours.

Par Randam

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18-06-2014, 19:42

Indeed, many msx games which support fm music sound better on MSX compared to their counterparts on pc88. But unfortunately there are relatively more games on pc88 that have fm sound.

Par ericb59

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18-06-2014, 20:00

@randam : if you still want a cartridge set, please send me a mail, because in you profile there no possibility ton contact you. thanks

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