Z80 vending machine

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Par hap

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22-06-2014, 13:27

A Z80 vending machine in Japan, VDP and FM chips too, WTF! Smile
The photo is not by me, it's by a friend of one of my contacts. I don't know where it was taken.

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Par boblet

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22-06-2014, 13:35

That's beautiful, man.

Par Sandy Brand

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22-06-2014, 14:34

How the hell can this be a business model?? Big smile

Cool find though!

Par ray2day

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22-06-2014, 16:05

how bizar

Par MsxKun

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22-06-2014, 16:22

I frakking want it now in my room Smile
Even If need to dump my bed to make place for it.

Par umaiboux

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22-06-2014, 16:51

Par erwinmusik

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23-06-2014, 15:58


What Do they do with that?

Slotmachines? Mega Synthesizers? Tamagochis?

Par AxelStone

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23-06-2014, 21:36

What the hell? What a weird machine :-D

Par Grauw

Ascended (10821)

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23-06-2014, 21:39

So I understand correctly that it doesn’t just sell the chips, but mounted on some sort of modular board system?

Par hap

Paragon (2043)

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23-06-2014, 21:56

for 400 yen? I doubt it Tongue
(approx 3 euro)

Par Grauw

Ascended (10821)

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23-06-2014, 21:59

Hm I guess… I thought so because of the pictures on erwinmusik’s link.

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