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Par Evhor

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30-06-2014, 01:42

As far as I know, there is no rule here which forbids adult-oriented topics but, since this forum can be read by everyone, I guess I'd better to behave as gently as possible and, may be, the minors should reach a safer place for a short while Tongue
Okay, then. Since I am a wannabe hentai(*) drawer, I do sometimes collaborate with some japanese doujinshi(**) authors. This is one of those times and I would like to draw female characters in MSX games. What's the matter? I need advices! If there is an MSX girl which you would like to see doing it like they do on the Discovery Channel, you can tell me!

Well, I hope this won't offend anyone and I also hope you won't cover me with too much insults °(^_^)7

Have a nice day, everyone!

(*) hentai: japanese porn comics.
(**) doujinshi: porn parody of something mainstream.

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Par Grauw

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30-06-2014, 02:31

At first I was like that girl from Aleste 2… Or Fray. But they’re strong female characters and I wouldn’t want them objectified like this… So then I went like ok which character is totally brainless and I arrived at MSX-DOS Tan which has no personality at all. But she looks awfully young doesn’t she. So I give up, I’ll let others do the suggestions Smile.

Par anonymous

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30-06-2014, 04:00

Concerning the prospect of hentai stuff involving the girls from MSX games - I'm sorry, but it's not for me. Smile
For instance, I'm one of the biggest Valis fans you'll meet, but I was heartbroken when finding out about Valis X, and I wish I could go back in time and convince myself not ever to look at that stuff. Crying

Maybe I'm just not that partial to hentai. Ofcourse, stuff like Urotsukidoji is funny, and even artistically interesting. But I once read a guro comic about a girl that cannot die, whatever you do to her, and it seriously made me cry. Could be that I'm not that evil, after all. Wink
(EDIT: I found the name, it's called "Mai-chan's Daily Life", and it's really not recommended for the sensitive people among us)

And Grauw, just the same, I would never want to see that sweet Lilia compromised, either.
But there will probably be some people who would like to see hentai versions of certain games. But I couldn't name one (either games or people who'd like that).

Par anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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30-06-2014, 05:23

By the way, there are erotic MSX games. Not only Japanese stuff from Wendy Magazine (Bit2 subsidiary) and Momonoki House (Compile subsidiary), but also Western made stuff like the games from Kai Magazine.
Sometimes, the gameplay is actually interesting, like the "Grier's Quest for the Holy Grail" stuff, which even inspired an MSXdev entry based purely on the mechanics of that game.
And sometimes, those games have pretty cool music as well:


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30-06-2014, 09:56

I don't have any strong feelings towards or against this. I must say I'm not really Hentai fan but at least this is a new idea. In MSX scene there is actually very little erotic content and mostly it is just cute girls with very little clothing. Not really Hentai style...

Example from Peach Up:

As JohnHassink already pointed out especially Momonoki House did really good games although they had some erotic content. Usually erotic content is used as a cheap trick to sell crap, but ie. Griel's Quest is a perfect example that this is not always true. Although remake removed all erotic content the game is still very high quality, well planned & addictive. Actually I liked the original game so much that I made a level editor for it as my first public program. :)

Kai Magazine's Lilo2 is definitely one of the most weird games I've seen on MSX. The graphics are not especially good, but not really bad either... Coding of the game is pure crap and makes sometimes playing a bit pain, but it is still well worth checking out... You play in a cartoon and wonder around the house and backyard as a rebelling carrot... and that is just the sane part of the story... Oh, I think I won't spoil it for you just check rest of the story your self.

Ok, got a bit offtopic... To be honest I don't think that there are many so well regognisable female characters in MSX games that when you take them out of the context people would still regognize them or feel that they are looking at the same thing... Sure it depends of how good you are in your hobby. :) I think better working idea would be just taking regognizeable items from MSX world such as MSX T-shirts, laserguns or joysticks to pictures that share the same drawing style. How ever I wish you good luck at taking your MSX hobby to previously unexplored direction.

Par syn

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30-06-2014, 11:15

You could try make a hentai drawing inspired by a msx game, which doesn't necessarily has female characters. I suggest Athletic Land or Magical Tree Running Naked in a Field of Flowers oO

I'd say it would be a great test of your imagination and skill (to make it recognisable).

Par TheSpecialist

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30-06-2014, 15:08


By the way there exists a Xak doujin with Latok and Fray, it's even been translated.

I would like to see some Jamie Seed and of course the Katherina shower scene in Snatcher should be explored more Tongue

And of course Silviana! (from Pack-In-Video)

Par boblet

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30-06-2014, 15:03

If in doubt, rule 63 it.

Par JohnHassink

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30-06-2014, 18:27

Have you ever played "No Name" from Kai Magazine? It's actually quite impressive for a game coded in Kun-BASIC.

@ syn
I can imagine how one could create a backstory for Athletic Land. There just must be some sadistic, voyeurist plot behind making a "child park" that dangerous for children. Wink

@ TheSpecialist
Allright! So I have to take back what I said earlier. Apparently I do know someone who'd like that. Big smile

Par Latok

msx guru (3960)

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30-06-2014, 18:51

I like hentai as well, so bring 'em on Smile

Par MsxKun

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01-07-2014, 03:36

Sure you can do something with (or like) this:

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