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Par msx fan finland

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30-10-2015, 10:51

hi all,
i love msx as all of you know but i have a huge problem :
i dont know how to use msx. sorry but thats true.

i have 25 different modules for msx ... and GT lays on my table ...
i need instructions for these : what i can do with these ?

Dal so ri
Zemmix Neo
FM Pac
FIFO for msx
Slot Expander (gouda)
Nowind2 (when someday i get it)
Rittor 3 (Japanese)
Harukaze RS232c

at least these take dust on my table now...
my GT is offline...

i just buy and sell msx to others...
any instructions for these ?



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Par edoz

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30-10-2015, 11:58

Maybe it is a good idea to start with one and not all of them at once Wink

Par RetroTechie

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30-10-2015, 14:20

Start with the Zemmix Neo and a good book on MSX-BASIC. LOL!

Several carts you mention contain add-on sound chips, MSX-Music (FM-Pac = YM2413) is a very popular one with good software support. MSX-Audio (Philips Music Module = Y8950) and Konami's SCC chip being other popular ones. Moonsound has a more capable chip but with much less software support. None of these are needed to run software, just can enhance the experience (btw Zemmix Neo being 1chipMSX based has SCC and YM2413 function built in).
Likewise, GFX9000 has an add-on graphics chip (V9990), which is very capable but there isn't much software using it. Sad

As for the other carts: just read some about what you can do with each, then decide if you feel like spending time on that. If not, you've got a collecting/trade item in hand.

Par RetroTechie

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30-10-2015, 14:22

Btw any idea what's up with your GT? Question

Par Louthrax

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31-10-2015, 00:28

OMG, you have so much nice stuff here... Probably too much for a single thread.
Maybe the good question is : what do you want to do ?

Par anonymous

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31-10-2015, 09:02

Why did you buy all this stuff if you don't even know what it does?

Par Latok

msx guru (3960)

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31-10-2015, 11:15

Because he WANTS to be an MSX-er. He's enjoying the MSX vibes and is therefore collecting all this MSX stuff. And now he wants to make practical use out of it. It's the next level. I hope you will succeed, msx fan finland Smile

I think edoz gave the best advice: one thing at the time. I'd say just boot your GT and start doing some BASIC or DOS2 course. It will give you some control on how programs work, how to boot stuff in BASIC and DOS, how to store data et cetera....

Par RetroTechie

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31-10-2015, 12:02

@Latok: unless you know msx fan finland personally and well enough to understand his/her thought processes or even predict those, you really shouldn't speak for someone else. (even though you're probably right, and that's probably where msx fan finland is at Wink )

JaviLM's question is one of the best questions I've read in a while, but -if (s)he feels like doing so- it's up to msx fan finland to answer.

Par Louthrax

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31-10-2015, 12:17

Must say I'm myself sometimes buying MSX stuff I do not use so much Smile Don't we all ?

Par Jipe

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31-10-2015, 12:42

buy games cartridge and play , it's easy for all

Par o.geerdink

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31-10-2015, 13:51

One at a time the best advice.

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