MSX Slideshow Program


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18-09-2016, 16:33

Is there a MSX Slideshow Creator from Graph Saurus 2.0 pictures??

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Par popolony2k

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18-09-2016, 19:07

Do you know the brazilian MSX Video ??

Par Jipe

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18-09-2016, 22:33

with BLS.COM or XLD4.COM you can making a slide show quickly
exemple of command for BLS is : BLS *.SC8 /G0 and for XLD4 is : XLD4 *.SC8 /G0 /@
G1 G2 for delay between the pixtures

Par TheKid

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20-09-2016, 07:55

What is your goal ? And what are the file extensions ?
A simple slide show can be made in basic in a few lines. Is it a one time slide show, or do you need some kind of tool to use on a disk with files ?