Genuine Konami Game Cabbage Patch Kids for sale

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Par daniel683104

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29-03-2018, 10:27

I do have this Genuine Konami Game Cabbage Patch Kids for sale.

This game comes with manual, box and interior holder. You know it´s a hard time to find a genuine complete game and also that it is not cheap.

here are the pictures

The games is 100% operative and the pictures shows how the box and manual are.

Asking Price is 550 euros including shipmet to EU.

Sincé I know it is a lot of money I may accept to reserve it to the person who wants it for a down payment and then after a time finish the payment and i will sent the game

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Par Wierzbowsky

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29-03-2018, 13:46

550? Not a typo?

Par Wolverine_nl

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29-03-2018, 14:28

I have seen better for far more. Why are these so expensive? (I have seen them for 900 - 1200 dollars on ebay)

Par Grauw

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29-03-2018, 14:34

I guess Athletic Land is pretty common, but Cabbage Patch Kids was only sold in very small quantities? Maybe shops still had plenty copies of Athletic Land in stock and didn’t really care to get this one as well?

Par Argon

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29-03-2018, 15:31

Ridiculous price :-D

Par Stt1

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29-03-2018, 15:50

Just some thoughts:

This game has been always hard to find in complete state. It took few years for me to get one complete set collected about 15-20 years ago (from YAJ). Maybe it did not sell originally very well due to fact it's quite similar to Athletic Land (which is common). Also, it was a part of the "Cabbage Patch Kids" brand, which might have had some affect on appeal of the game. Also, due to being such product, maybe it was also more expensive than average game (just a guess)?

Par Wolverine_nl

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29-03-2018, 16:10

ok, that clears it up, Big smile
So if I see one for less than that, then I might buy it Wink

Par mariocavalcanti

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29-03-2018, 17:55

It's in good condition. A little heavy for my pocket, anyway.

Par TroMax

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29-03-2018, 22:00

It goes out of my pocket Wink

Par daniel683104

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30-03-2018, 00:35

About prices always the same thing if someone don´t like to buy it is fine but don´t say is ridiculous Price since i have a copy myself that i payed on its days (3 years ago) 750 euros and it was rebated from its previous Price of 2400 euros (that i considered a ridiculous Price). the 750 euros that i payed is a high Price and to so many NO MSX fans ( my wife for example) won´t pay an euro for an MSX game but i my case it was fine to pay the money since i am one of the few people that have a complete copy.
you know how many cabbage patch kids I have seen completed on the last 10 years?? I will tell you less than 10. and below the 500 euros, NONE.
On my colection as an example i have a crusader 800 euros, konami syntetizer 700 euros, magical tree 500 euros, frogger 400 euros, badlands 400 euros or final fantasy 500 euros too. This is the problem of collecting things that common things are easy to find and cheaper but weir things are less common and always much more expensive. nobody will pay 500 euros for an Athletic land but this is not that game this is an especial game (same that atlethic land but diferent characters) with no so much editions on these times and after 35 years find a copy is hard and of course expensive.

Nevertheless I am agree with you all that MSX prices are getting higher and they are become ridiculous and this is because each day is harder to find some good stuff that time ago was less apreciated by us. You know how much was a TR GT 10 years ago (300 euros) and now you won´t find any below the 800 euros.

I ask that money because it was hard to find and also expensive to buy on japan. I´m sure you will find more copies but also sure that those won´t be below the 500 euros.iI this time there is other copy around on internet and is on sale by 750 + shipment so I think I am not doing a bad Price after all

As an example of prices and things offered on the forum i might remember that ditta bass used to sell the rubber belts for panasonics at 5 euros (7,5 on present days) and i have seen similar belts at 10 euros. I don´t argue about the Price to be fare since those belts are hard to find on these days,Those sold at 10 euros where the original from Panasonic (imposible to get now) and the bass rubbers are similar but not the originals so 10 euros could be consider ridiculous even knowing that i get these FDD rubers at 2 euros here at spain i don´t consider them expensive because the seller needs to buy them ,pick them up, and ship them worlwide, and this is a risk and also a cost and final Price gets higher . but for me 10 euros for a belt could be consider ridicolus but as a personal opinion i kept it for myself.

Par gdx

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30-03-2018, 11:08

Price excessively expensive and the item packaging isn't in good condition. I can find eight or nine in same condition for the same price.
All Konami games were produced in very many copies in Japan. They are not yet very hard to find. Only Metal Gear 2 is very expensive but yet we find it cheaper than the price what you ask for this banal game. Go and try your luck on ebay. Here you have no chance to find a buyer here.

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