VG8235 and NMS8245 slot 2 part. 3d printed.

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Par zett

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07-04-2018, 20:10

We ad Darkstone have made a other part for the msx with 3d printing. its the part needed for the back slot (slot2) of the philips msx2.

See or site for other msx-parts 3d printed.


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Par zett

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08-04-2018, 09:25

is there no intressed in 3d msx printed parts?

Par hamlet

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08-04-2018, 09:58

Of course there is. Maybe it's weekend and people did not check the webside day to day. In fact this 15 hours a week did beware my soberness for more then two decades of drying out.
We are planning to buy a 3D printer, too. I know how much work it is to design such things, I studied CAD/CAM long ago. So thank you very much, this will make a lot of slotless people very happy. Including me. Got my 8235 backslotless for so many years now, that I thought never get a slot housing again. Also like that monitor thingy you done!

Par Grauw

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08-04-2018, 14:17

I don’t miss those parts right now, but I bet quite some others do, and it’s a great idea to 3D print them! I’ve heard it discussed before, but finally someone has done it…

Par syn

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09-04-2018, 10:51

Very nice zett! I see you got more parts as well like that sony joystick. Are you by chance selling parts as well? I could use a monitor front plate.

Par nivaria

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09-04-2018, 13:38

Mail for contact?

Par Philip

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23-06-2018, 08:49

I could use a backslot thingy as well, are there any for sale?

Par RetroTechie

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27-06-2018, 17:31

For anyone who owns one of these Philips MSX2's, and a Sony HB-75: (and holders on both)

Could you confirm if the slot holders are interchangeable between those machines? Question Or if there's measurement differences, whether you can see some easy fix to that such that you have a holder that fits (and supports cartridges) correctly on both?

Par Philip

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27-06-2018, 21:33

Well, I have a hb-75p and some 8245's... But no holder...
I took a quick look and it looks quite similar. I can do some measurements later.

Par Philip

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27-06-2018, 23:33

This is a bit like the Christmas quiz... Which Msx's are these and are the slot holders interchangable?

Par djh1697

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29-06-2018, 00:57

I think the top one is a Philips VG8235/8245

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