WTB Zemmix Neo

Par tfh

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10-06-2019, 14:42

I've been tempted buying an MSX again for quite some time, but.. limited desk-space and the fact I'd like to have 2+, SCC, FM-Pac, etc... have made me consider alternatives and I have been thinking about the Zemmix Neo.

I've found this website: https://manuferhi.com/p/zemmix-neo, but my Spanish isn't that good and I can't find information about international shipping.

Is anyone in here interested in selling their Neo? Or should I just go ahead and order at manuferhi?

OK, ordered. Manuel from ManuFerHi was kind enough to help me by e-mail to finalize the order!

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Par Joost

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11-06-2019, 19:24

I also ordered one, hope it will arrive This week!