How do I open .ROM and .DSK games using MSX DOS 1?

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Par gdx

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03-03-2020, 13:40

There are two types of 64K Roms.

1/ Plain roms: I don't think it's possible to run them on Memory Mapper and I don't know a loader capable of running them on a 64K memory expansion. Only a few loaders can run then with specific hardware (the Musical Memory Mapper or Carnivore 2 for example)

2/ 64K Roms with mapper: They can be executed in the same way other megaroms according the mapper type.

Par cax

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03-03-2020, 15:08

Indeed, this ROM is plain.

I think the following SofaROM option is for this case exactly, isn't it?

   Any linear ROM image overlapping C000-FFFF.
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