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Enlighted (6932)

Portrait de ARTRAG

23-04-2019, 23:29

Nowadays collectors who play games on real hardware have at least a second machine (an msx2)

Par thegeps

Paragon (1175)

Portrait de thegeps

23-04-2019, 23:37

LoL. Ok If I will need some extra cycles I'll implement color mirroring Big smile btw thanks to let me study reverse SAT from Uridium code. I've added it to my project and it works like a charm!

Par DarkSchneider

Paladin (984)

Portrait de DarkSchneider

24-04-2019, 12:21

But it only allows to use 8 sprite planes?


Enlighted (6932)

Portrait de ARTRAG

24-04-2019, 13:51

Only if you mirror the pattern definitions
Mirroring colors has no side effects

Par aoineko

Paladin (895)

Portrait de aoineko

03-02-2023, 18:25

About the T6950 lake of support for Screen 2 mirroring, the wiki say:


This problem is partially fixed in the T6950A and the MSX-Engine T7937 which integrates the T6950B VDP.

How is the support can be "partial"?
Is the mirroring supported or not by the T6950A and T6950B?

Also, is there a known software method to detect that an MSX is equipped with one of these VDPs?

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