auf wiedersehen monty only psg?

Par PingPong

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23-12-2019, 12:51

Recently I ve heard this song in msx psg. I must admit that is awesome!
And even others ports with different sound hw are equally awesome!
I am wondering if there is some OPx version taking advantage on fm synth like msx music or so.
Anyone know where I can listen (if exists) this with fm chips?

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23-12-2019, 13:54

IIRC I.O.D.'s Metal Limit had some FM remix (but don't shoot the messenger if I remember wrong)

Par JohnHassink

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23-12-2019, 14:15

I think Meits did one, but I don't remember if it was made public.

Par Poltergeist

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23-12-2019, 15:28

I know Erik Duijs did one...

Par PingPong

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23-12-2019, 23:39

thx, i was expecting something brilliant given the OPL capabilities. More channels, drums, and instruments.

Par Manuel

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24-12-2019, 00:37

The I.O.D. one in Metal Limit's Lazy Bones menu (under "Coding Meltpots") is fantastic. But it mixes with the 2nd world theme of Uşas too.

Par meits

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24-12-2019, 00:46

I did one in Moonblaster only to find out that the track won't fit the available patterns/positions. The one by Erik Duijs has even less space to be complete as it's in FAC Soundtracker. For a complete version some other tracker needs to be used.
A Moonsound version could be possible by recycling patterns with muted and unmuted channels. Probably Trilo Tracker can handle the tune as well and I bet Oracle could do it, but who can do Oracle?

Par Manuel

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24-12-2019, 09:19

Everyone can! It's available and not that different from the other trackers... it's a matter of will Tongue

Par SjaaQ

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24-12-2019, 14:33

I did one for OPL4 back in 1996: