Best Disc Station For A New MSX Owner

Par avtiger27

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10-02-2020, 15:05

After years of wanting one, I finally took the plunge on an MSX (Panasonic FS-A1WX). I got some of the usual games on the way: Vampire Killer, Space Manbow, Maze of Galious and Penguin Adventure. I'd also really like to pick up a Compile Disc Station to experience what those were all about (and give my disc drive some work). Unfortunately, there isn't much info out there in English. What are some good issues if I just want to pick one as a sample? Ideally one with a unique version of a game or something else exclusive to one of the discs.

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Par raulsantacruz

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10-02-2020, 17:09

Hi Avtiger27,

There are some completes games only release in Disc Station (for example, Rune Masters 1 and Rune Masters 2). You can find work in progress, preliminary musics in game, etc. Also you can find great games like Blaster Burn not edited in any other place. Definitely a great idea to revisit them.


Par BitSquad

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10-02-2020, 18:51

If you like Golvellius, then the one with Super Cooks is definitely worth getting!

The one with Aleste Gaiden is by far the most expensive and that game is not really up to the quality standards of a typical Compile shooter.

Par Samor

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10-02-2020, 22:52

I thought Aleste Gaiden was quite good, actually... just on the short side.

Par BitSquad

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11-02-2020, 05:18

You're right. I don't know if Compile's worst shooter is bad. But I wouldn't want to pay 20k for it like people are doing now. For that much you could get Aleste if you're lucky. Although it's far from the lowest cost to fun ratio even at that price.