Diana Cave Adventure: Open for Reservation

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Par Oniric-Factor

Master (177)

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09-05-2020, 15:13

Hello to all!

I'm pleased to announce that our new Game "Diana Cave Adventure" is finished and ready for reservation until 08/06/20.

The reservation can be done Here

The game runs on MSX with 16K RAM and have an optimized pallete on MSX2 computers.

The price is 28 Euros for Cartridge edition. At soon as we reach the minimum of units reserved, we will sell the digital version at 5 euros too.

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Par Manuel

Ascended (19691)

Portrait de Manuel

09-05-2020, 15:17

Cool, is there a game play video?

Par Parn

Paladin (854)

Portrait de Parn

09-05-2020, 15:20

Very nice graphics! They remind me of Auf Wiedersehen Monty, but prettier and more detailed. I hope you reach your reservation goal soon, so the game can be made available digitally. Brazilian currency is so devalued right now that the cartridge is about the same price of an AAA title for PS4 or XB1. And this is not including S&H and taxes!

Par tfh

Prophet (3430)

Portrait de tfh

09-05-2020, 15:33

The game looks great! Smile I'll be waiting to purchase the digital edition Smile
I was wondering if you'd consider making a demo version which I could add to the homebrew section of my site, together with a link to purchase the full version?

Par Bengalack

Paladin (805)

Portrait de Bengalack

09-05-2020, 19:51

Oooh, amazing cover as well! Smile

Par erpirao

Paragon (1334)

Portrait de erpirao

09-05-2020, 20:04

Par Manuel

Ascended (19691)

Portrait de Manuel

09-05-2020, 21:41

Thanks! Indeed, very nice details in the graphics!

Par Pencioner

Scribe (1612)

Portrait de Pencioner

09-05-2020, 22:16

Just great!

Par valkyre

Paladin (705)

Portrait de valkyre

09-05-2020, 23:42

That looks very good.

Par wyrdwad

Paladin (934)

Portrait de wyrdwad

13-05-2020, 14:34

Who composed the music for this?! That's some quality PSG, right there!

Also, that box art is GORGEOUS.


Par Oniric-Factor

Master (177)

Portrait de Oniric-Factor

22-05-2020, 02:16

We have the boxes for Diana Cave Adventure at last!

Remember that you can make your reservation until Jun 8th.

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