A newer tool to convert between DSK and XSA file formats.

Par rjp

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02-07-2020, 05:53

I was looking at a forgotten directory into my MSX area into my PC, and I found a lot of disk images which was compressed using one of Xelasoft utilities. I didn't found a newer utility to handle with these file formats, they're too old.

I found XSC and XSD (as command-line utilities for Linux), but they cannot be executed easily into my LInuxbox (Alex Wulms compiled them in the nineties). Sad

I know that there is the MSX Disk Image, written in FreePascal. But I really want a command line utility, so I could use a shell script to convert all of them back to DSK. Shocked!

Any ideas? Maybe the best idea is to run them into a OpenMSX session, using the MSX-version of the utility, and set up the speed as fast as hell. Evil

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Par Parn

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02-07-2020, 14:01

What if you install a nineties-appropriate Linux distribution on QEMU or something like it?

Par Philip

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02-07-2020, 15:14

The source seems to be available here:

It even compiles on my Centos 8 work laptop :)

Par rjp

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03-07-2020, 06:03

Wow, thank you! I could compile it into my Fedora desktop machine here.