"Missing link" from "Japanese" data-recorders based on Philips D66XX series

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23-07-2020, 16:45

hi everyone!

When i lived in Brazil, i had the Gradiente DR-1 data-recorder (from the Gradiente Expert MSX product line). And for my surprise, a neighbour had a Philips D6625 that i never heard of, which looked very similarly, except having a larger speaker and an internal microphone (as i can remember).

Since then, i found out that Sharp RD-720H, Casio KR-7, Toshiba HX-C800 and Mitsubishi ML-10DR were exactly the same, manufactured from the same blueprint. And looked like they all were based on Philips D66XX series.

Do someone know which more manufacturers made the same data-recorder? And even if Philips manufactured it as well? (maybe named as D6630, D6650, or something like?)

And did anyone heard about this "Individual Software Service" data-recorder, as shown at https://blog.fh-kaernten.at/ingmarsvintage/category/retro-co... ? ( https://blog.fh-kaernten.at/ingmarsretro/files/2018/08/IMG_2... )

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