King’s Valley 2 Japan region locked?

Par Fresh

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21-08-2020, 22:03

I recently got my first KV2 jap version and its upgrade nearly right away. They both won’t start. KV2 MSX2, which is Japanese only, does start. Am I unlucky twice or is KV2 msx1 region locked like Metal Gear? There is a euro version of the MSX1 version, so it could be the case, however slim?

I don’t have a japanese MSX computer available to test. I am using an aging nms8245 and a canon v20. Could someone please confirm that the cartridge should work on a European MSX?


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Par meits

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22-08-2020, 00:11

It's not on the region lock list, which is populated by metal gear (jap).
You could clean its contacts.

Par Manuel

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22-08-2020, 00:37

There are 2 versions: an MSX1 version and an MSX2 version. The former shows an English title screen when started. The latter was not officially released outside Japan. But both work on European MSX computers. So, no, it's not region locked.

Perhaps you should further clean up the cartridge connector of your game.

By the way, what do you mean with "its upgrade"?

Par Fresh

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22-08-2020, 05:31

Thanks for your answers!

The first had a slightly worse box and no manual, hence the second was the upgrade Smile

Par Emphy

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22-08-2020, 06:12

For cleaning the contacts: use qtips+alcohol.

If that doesn't work: I have had good results with troublesome snes carts rubbing the contacts with baking soda (cleaning it off after). Never had to use that method with msx ones, though.

Par Randam

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22-08-2020, 07:52

Hey Fresh, good to see you back here. How is the Eggerland editor going?

Par Fresh

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22-08-2020, 08:25

The upgrade has been cleaned again and that one works. Hopefully I can revive the other one...

Hey Randam, I am completely redoing the game in C#, but I'm not as motivated as I used to be, so it will take quite a while to finish. Thanks for your interest, it sparks some motivation and gave me a smile this Saturday morning!