WTS Golvellius MSX 120€uros

Par raulsantacruz

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06-09-2020, 13:16


Golvellius from Compile available to sell 120 € (shipping not include). Worldwide shipping.

Check photographs here:


Contact at raulsantacruz@hotmail.com


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Par o.geerdink

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07-09-2020, 09:03

is that an official manual or does it have no real manual??

Par raulsantacruz

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08-09-2020, 11:30

Hi Onno,

Late the 80s, when in Spain MSX games stopped being commercialized in a regular distribution way (as Sony, Phillips or Serma Software done), the new cartridges arrived imported from minorist. They included a photocopied manual with translated instructions. It was the "official" way that these titles came to Spain, but I also know that it was like it happened in other european countries like France. So this manual is an "original" one from then in that way. But definitevely an official translated manual by Compile never happened, as you know.


Par Bas040

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08-09-2020, 11:38

Unbelievable that they often just replaced the original manual by a translated one!
I have seen the game Golvellius more for sale in the Netherlands without than with the original manual.