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22-02-2021, 23:07

Heyyy, I finally uploaded my previous EP on bandcamp, since the original weblabel quit and took all the releases offline.If you want to hear some weird ass Moonblaster modfiles all mixed and mastered, here it is again in all its glory.

The next release will be out in a month or two, and it's going to be one hour of msx made ambient, available online and on good old cassette, for the retro enthousiasts Wink

in the meantime:

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23-02-2021, 05:53

if anyone wants to buy this, bandcamp has been doing a promotion recently where the first friday of every month they waive their cut of all sales, so all the money after the paypal cut goes to the artist. the next one is on 5 March!

i loved Virtigo way before i even knew what an MSX was, but I had no idea you had more music so i'm really looking forward to hearing it. it's late here but tomorrow morning you'll be at the top of the work playlist!

Par poke-1,170

Paragon (1783)

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23-02-2021, 16:11

Oh hey yeah I forgot about that friday deal haha.
Thanks, glad you liked the virtigo EP, I'll probably put it up on bandcamp at some point as well.
Hope you enjoy this one Smile