Compile's Usa Jong translation

Compile's Usa Jong translation

par ro on 08-03-2021, 18:31
Sujet: Challenges

French MSX translator Django keeps the score high by releasing a translation of Compile's "Usa Jong", which is now available for download.

On Compile's magnificent Disc Station series you will find lots of Compile related software. Included on DS#3 there's a game called "Usa Jong", subtitled "The Overlord Resurrection". Sounds scary, but really isn't. This 1990 card game is now playable thanks to the works of Django. It is completely translated from Japanese to English.

According to Django:
In this game each player has in his hand 11 + 1 tiles, the last being the one to shoot. The goal of the game is to have in his hand a series of 6 x 2 or 4 x 3 or 3 x 4 identical tiles. By pulling a new tile and driving you from one of them. Of course, you mark more points if you make a more difficult combination to get.

Relevant link: The game translation is available on DJANGO's website

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Par Sebbeug

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09-03-2021, 09:08

Bien joué Django !
Thanks Wink

Par Pippo

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09-03-2021, 09:09

Wonderful, Django! Big smile
Excellent translation and very beautiful game! Big smile

Par ren

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11-03-2021, 09:55

Nice Django, you seem to put in quite some effort providing guides/instructions etc.

Anything you really recommend us / everyone to check out (e.g. for those that don't have time to check it all Wink)?

Par DrWh0

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31-03-2021, 15:55

Thank you very much Django!