Street Fighter 2 - MSX - Who plays this game ?

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Par Manuel

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19-03-2021, 23:11

This game is another proof that MSX2 is the ultimate 8-bit... could you tell us a bit more about the techniques you used to get this pulled off?

Par thegeps

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19-03-2021, 23:46

I'd love to see it completed. I have only a question: is it possible have a good quality audio (music, sfx and voices) using the SCC? Obviously, if detected it can use opl4, fm, and whatever...
But if a good job can be done with SCC I think there are a lot of people ready to buy a 2MB megarom with SCC included to play SF2 on their msx2 real hardware...

Par QBee Sam

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20-03-2021, 00:03

I've played a lot PF, was the 1st game I played once I bought my Woozblaster, is a superb game, the best fighting game on 8 bit computer by far, btw I always played it with joymega.

Par Randam

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20-03-2021, 06:48

Just a weird suggestion: Would it be nice to add in some MSX only characters? Like Fray and or Pixie from the fighting game in Tower of Cabin? Or some other special character as a bonus?

Par sinus

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20-03-2021, 08:29

Hi, it's such a pleasant game and your port is so impressive, I would naturally vote in favour of completion! To me the current version lacks a little bit of background scrolling too, to be perfect, but the limit to the MSX possibilities may be there? And of course the intro picture to PF2 flavour is... hardly bearable! Smile But that's another story.
It's really nice you have some thoughts about pushing the project to the end. The project is discrete, but already popular as it seems. Thanks for asking! I hope you'll find the energy to do it!!

Par journey

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20-03-2021, 08:54

I think it's an absolutely incredible game that I didn't even think possible on MSX.
But it always left a bittersweet taste in my mouth for the fact that it was never really completed ....

How I would like it to be updated / modified.

music arranged for OPL4
This sound chip, when used well, can do some truly amazing things.
An incredible game deserves an incredible OST.

The Pointless Fighter title screen wasn't exactly the best ...
I would like something closer to the original ..

21 are actually a little too many.
I would go for 12 characters like in the original SF2.

I really hope it can be completed because it would be a real shame to leave it like this ... Smile

Par Ivan

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20-03-2021, 09:03

Oh yes! The original game has 12 characters. I think it would be better no to waste time adding more characters (12 is enough) and instead improve the game in many other ways: music, graphics, horizontal scrolling (maybe I am dreaming, don't know if it is feasible), etc.

Par iamweasel2

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20-03-2021, 11:06

I think it is an amazing game, one of the most impressive I have ever seen on MSX, and it deserves a release that matches its quality, in a cartridge with a nice box and manual. I would buy it if this game ever gets released.

21 characters or 12 characters, I'm in to buy either way. I would only suggest that, if you go to 12 characters, add one more, Fei Long, he's such an iconic character in Martial Arts. Wink

Ha, I always thought that an MSX character like Lee from Yie Ar Kung Fu would be a nice addition as a fighter in this game. Smile

Par Ivan

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20-03-2021, 11:26

I would stay true to the original game to make it as similar as possible to the arcade. I don't see the point in adding fictional characters. Better use that time to improve other things.

Par Imanok

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20-03-2021, 12:35

I agree it would be great if you could finish a complete port of SF2! Big smile
No need to add more fighters to the original cast, as many of people said... or if you want to add extra fighters, just the Super Street Fighter II ones. It's better to dedicate more time to polish the current engine and details.

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