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Par thegeps

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24-03-2021, 13:07

Yep, inside vblank is safe even unrolled otir

Par HeroponRikiBestest

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24-03-2021, 15:57

journey wrote:
TIのカラー画像は最高だぜ wrote:


Thank you for your information. BY RUTOBO GAME WORKS CO.LTD.
As you pointed out, DYNAMITE GO! GO! Was created only with webMSX.

Is there any possibility to buy only the rom of the complete version? Smile
Would be great a cartridge version also!

This is somewhat unnecessary, as it was already explained earlier how to extract the rom from EGG's release.

wyrdwad wrote:
Sandy Brand wrote:

Oof, a technically impressive game, but an assault on the senses (both visually and audibly) Sad

Changing vertical scroll direction based on the player pressing up or down is a big flaw imho.

Matter of taste, I guess, as I kind of love it! It gives the game this sense of insane motion that just makes it feel more frenetic and exciting.

Anyway, my friend got back to me about how to rip the .rom after purchasing the game from Project EGG. Here's what he told me:


1. Get quickbms installed.
2. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/415017986898919424/823269648971202560/project_egg.bms
3. Figure out whatever your game code is (there are several ways of doing this; one is just looking in the file name for the game's thumbnail on the website).
(If you want a more elegant solution that also works better for doing this for many games, use this: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/742446737322409997/747893075728400454/script.py)
For the demo its ERTG0002, for the full game its ERTG0001.
4. Navigate into where Project EGG stores your game data (within program files x86 or whatever) and go into that game folder; then, launch the game from the launcher.
5. An exe should be created in that folder, just copy it somewhere else.
6. Run the quickbms script on the exe. The file you want is slot1.rom.

Also, in case you want to extract disk-based games, you'll also want this: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/726971090366365728/727119997033381980/egg_disk.py
Project EGG stores floppy games as raw sectors. Run this in the same folder as the EGGFDIMG files.
Usage: python egg_disk.py [disk format] where disk format is any one of d88, dsk and fdi.
Output disk image will be named disk_[disk number].[format] (disk number starts at 0).

Do note that none of these scripts are mine; the core extraction script and the floppy disk packing script were made by eientei, the auto-download free games script and download metadata scripts were made by @obskyr.

Big thanks to Bestest for this info. Hope it helps you guys out! I won't have a chance to play around with this for at least a week or so, I think, but it should be interesting to mess with once time permits.


That said, it would be nice if Project EGG simply left the ROM in the game folders, but I doubt that's going to change anytime soon.

Par TIのカラー画像は最高だぜ

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25-03-2021, 13:07

thank you everyone. When I reported a problem on MSX1 to D4, it seems that it will change the category.
Traditional games will be modified for MSX2. For those who have already purchased the product, MSX1 and MSX2 will be included and updated.

You can play 16 stages with the modified version of NYYRIKKI. Thank you NYYRIKI.
For MSX1, I wanted to display "SPECIAL THANKS NYY RIKKI" after clearing, but there is only 20 bytes of memory.

When I told D4 about this, they were indignant at first thinking that it was a software theft site.
No, I explained that they are good gentlemen.
Perhaps D4 has a harsh statement about the technology to transfer to real hardware.
However, since it is an opinion about theft, customers who buy the software do not have to worry about it.

The NTSC color of Real MSX1 is the best. The color of the sea must be purple.

… The fucking of COVID-19!
It seems difficult for MSX1 owners to visit D4. I received an apology email asking me to wait a week or two for verification.
It's a weakness of real hardware.

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25-03-2021, 13:10

This section is a promotion.
If you don't like it, skip it. After all, we are Japanese people who were called economic animals in the 1980s.

DYNAMITE GO! GO! Has a previous work. This is the number of shipments over the last 5 years.
(A non-false proof sales site. When I posted this, it was a beautiful number at $ ff. Warning: It's a Japanese game, so don't buy it without thinking.)
If shipments decrease even a little from this level, I think you can understand that D4 is indignant.
The previous work was WINDOWS, and this time it is a dedicated browser service, so I think there are fewer.

STEAM where fucking hyenas gather is like a war between garbage creators and angry STEAM,
However, both DLSite and PROJECT EGG are extremely kind to the creators. Even with just this number of units sold, it is a Japanese bow.
It's the exact opposite of the intimidating giant web store.

If you don't know what PROJECT EGG is, check it out.
They need to pay the license fee at officially participating companies like the old PANASONIC and SONY, not the indies who piggybacked on MSX.
It's a real (and maybe the last) MSX maker, so I took it to the D4.

If you like the work, please go to PROJECT EGG and buy it. Anyway, such products are hard to sell.
But only those who find it more exciting than the fucking movies made by the rich should buy it.

Par TIのカラー画像は最高だぜ

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25-03-2021, 13:11

Damn, it's more fun to play with Google Translate than MSX.

Par Daemos

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25-03-2021, 14:03

Yes google translate can be fun Tongue

Perhaps you can contact one of our publishers/cartridge makers here on the forum and see if they like to publish you work on real cartridges. Your games look superb so they will sell for certain.

Par wyrdwad

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25-03-2021, 14:46


Par Grauw

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26-03-2021, 13:10

I would definitely buy a cartridge release. I bet Matra would be interested to create one. You can talk to ghost_jp (Twitter: Nobuaki Washi) for his experiences, he’s released 4 cartridge games with them. They are also sold in Japan by BEEP.

I like that Project EGG exists, however it is quite difficult to use for international users. And once purchased, for people like me who own real MSX computers or a Mac it is difficult to play the game.

p.s. For translating English to Japanese and vice versa I can recommend DeepL Translator.


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26-03-2021, 08:47

TIのカラー画像は最高だぜ wrote:

When I told D4 about this, they were indignant at first thinking that it was a software theft site.
No, I explained that they are good gentlemen.
Perhaps D4 has a harsh statement about the technology to transfer to real hardware.
However, since it is an opinion about theft, customers who buy the software do not have to worry about it.

Yes, I think this is a bit on the grey area... I feel that I did not do wrong as I just downloaded a version that was advertised as free demo version. To be on safe side I also released the fix as patch (so it contains only my modifications and doesn't work without original file) If the patch works also on full version, then this is just good luck as I have not seen it. I'm anyway aware that in my country it is illegal to try to prevent "strong copy protection", but what is "strong copy protection" has not really been defined. I don't think the packing that PROJECT EGG uses belongs to that category. Personally I have not even touched that since it seems pretty complex and requires registering, installing all kinds of tools etc.

... that brings us to this second subject... Yes, I would like to get the full version and yes, I would like to support the developers. How ever now you are selling pretty poor Windows game that I'm not really interested at all. How ever as MSX1 game this is absolutely brilliant and I want to have it! To be honest, from European MSX user perspective you are requesting a bit too much... I should register to Japan language website and figure out my payment options, then I should download some Windows application & loads of tools to extract the part I need and then apply the patch... Sounds a bit like I want a certain size metal gear and you are trying to sell me a bicycle where I can extract one and weld a new fitting if I have a garage.

I don't know what kind of deal you have with D4, but I'm willing to send you 2500 yen by PayPal to receive a digital copy for MSX without registering & useless Windows stuff glued on top. (If ok, please send payment details by email, you can find the address by clicking my nick.)

I also feel that it would be very important to have publicly available MSX version on the side... If MSX version would exist, that Windows version would be "perfect representation of MSX game" that would sound a lot better than "Windows game that looks like MSX game". I also think that cartridge would be probably best format today. As Grauw pointed out there are people who can help with manufacturing and delivery. Just to mention all possibilities, you can also make it a disk game: Just download this "empty" disk that I've made, copy the game on it and rename the game file to "AUTOEXEC.ROM". Now you have a disk version that you can sell.

Par gdx

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26-03-2021, 08:50

I that I do not like in D4, it is the paid subscription. Then there are games that I want in digital but others in cartridge.

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