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28-03-2021, 00:09

(DEEPL Translation JP->ENG)
DEEPL is awesome. Thanks Grauw.
There are many things that non-Japanese speakers do not know.
It's a long article, but I think it contains some interesting information, so let me post it here, even though this is a technical site.
The Japanese language is sometimes the opposite of the English language in terms of "yes/no", and there are times when great mistranslations occur.
If you find any mistakes, please follow up with wyrdwad.

I saw a gameplay video of the real MSX. thanks!
This is the best promotion.

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28-03-2021, 00:10


DYNAMITE GO!GO!の発売形態が日本国外で認知されていない事が誤解の元です。
PROJECT EGGについて知っている人は読み飛ばして下さい。



そこでユーザーの要望に答え、全ての権利取得を済ませたset top boxを提供してソフトを配信するビジネスが考案されました。
EGGランチャーはMSXやPC-9801を組み込んだ、配信サービスに使用するset top boxです。


日本のPC-8801/PC-9801等が対象なので、海外の方はC64,ZX,ATARI800等のset top boxでないとファウンディングの効果は納得しづらいでしょう。


I understand from the beginning that there is nothing wrong with you all.
This is not a malicious technology site.

The misunderstanding comes from the fact that the release format of DYNAMITE GO!
If you know about PROJECT EGG, please skip it.

D4E is not a store company selling MSX and other software.

There are legal emulators of PCs in Japan, but the biggest problem is that they remove BASIC and BIOS for copyright reasons.
The shortest way for an individual to acquire the right to use BASIC, etc., is to own the actual machine to be emulated, but this is difficult.

Therefore, the business of distributing software by providing the set top box that answered the user's request and finished acquiring all the rights was devised.
The EGG Launcher is a set top box that incorporates the MSX and PC-9801 and is used for distribution services.
The EGG launcher you purchase includes the license to use the BASIC/BIOS of NEC and SHARP, which you are not interested in.

The EGG launcher is the only option for retro game fans in Japan because it solves all the licensing problems and delivers old software that is hard to find.
People outside of Japan wouldn't know about this type of service format without an explanation.

All the content provided is purchased by D4E from the manufacturers, and they are still searching for the rights holders of defunct companies and others to obtain permissions.
As a matter of fact, the monthly membership fee of \500 yen is perceived as a foundering to such a service.
The service is similar to a foundering, and the contents are very maniacal, such as the reprinting of tapes of games that use cassette tapes for background music.
Since the service targets Japanese PC-8801/PC-9801, etc., it would be difficult to convince overseas users of the effectiveness of the funding unless they have set top boxes such as C64, ZX, ATARI800, etc.

Therefore, those who are not interested in preserving Japanese game culture will not be able to benefit from the funding, and they can complain about what the membership fee is. You can complain.

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28-03-2021, 00:10

EGGランチャーもMSX機器の一種ですが、このset top boxを購入された人だけに無償配布されるソフトとして、DYNAMITE GO GO(冒険編)は登録特典になっています。

無償版とだけ書かれていて、プロテクトで取り出せない前提ですから、わざわざ"for EGGランチャー only"とは書いていないでしょう。



I believe that MSX also had software bundled with purchase privileges that only came with the purchase of a certain machine.
EGG launcher is also a kind of MSX device, but DYNAMITE GO GO (adventure version) is a registered privilege as a free software distributed only to those who purchased this set top box.

The problem D4E has is why other users have the software that is a registration bonus.
It's just a free version, and it's supposed to be unprotected, so they wouldn't have bothered to write "for EGG launcher only" on it.
Overseas users probably didn't know that much about the situation.

And actually, I think the business should be simple, "users will be very happy" and "companies will make more money".
When it's not getting in the way of business, just enjoy it to the fullest.
You are paying the most attention to the information you know about paid and free versions.

If you are newly aware of this information, please add it to your disciplinary decisions in the future.

Par Grauw

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28-03-2021, 00:54

Informative, thank you!

Par HeroponRikiBestest

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28-03-2021, 07:42

Well, the good thing is, you don't actually need the subscription to play the games, only to buy them; you keep them forever. It's admittedly sort of weird, but it just means that you can find everything you want to buy, pay for a 1 month subscription, download everything you need, and cancel it.

Par ren

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28-03-2021, 10:32

Note that I had some funny results in some cases from DeepL (JP→EN), that varied pretty wildly from Google Translate's translation, where I believed GT was more correct. In some cases it did seem to give more accurate/faithful results, but generally I think I would still recommend GT over it, or cross-check.
Interesting as well: https://translate.weblio.jp/ and https://j-talk.com/convert (JP→EN).

Par ghost_jp

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28-03-2021, 12:53

Grauw wrote:

You can talk to ghost_jp (Twitter: Nobuaki Washi) for his experiences, he’s released 4 cartridge games with them. They are also sold in Japan by BEEP.

Quite not related to the main topic of this thread but let me dare to say..

Not 4 but 7. :P

Par wyrdwad

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28-03-2021, 15:38

Finally played around with this game a bit, and figured I'd post in here again with some details on how to play it, since I know... well... the MRC community sometimes doesn't delve too deeply into games, and just plays them at face value. Wink But before anyone says "Hey, that's not true!", just look over these gameplay tips, and if you DID know about ALL of these, then I shall accept your slings and arrows! Heheh.

Note that I've only played the game with a controller, so I don't actually know what button 2's equivalent is on the keyboard. I'm going to be referring only to "button 1" and "button 2" in this post.

Regular shot: Press Button 1.
Charge shot (uses a portion of the B meter): Hold Button 1 for about a second, then release.
Triple shot: Press Button 1 while moving down (when the scrolling shows you going backwards).
Side shot (fires to the left or right, depending on position of option): Press Button 2.
Switch option from left to right, or from right to left: Hold Button 2 for about a second.

The game is a LOT of fun when you combine this moveset, as every single one of these moves is available to you at all times (with the exception of the charge shot, if your B meter is empty), and if you make good use of your side option, you can really kick ass and look SUPER stylish doing it!


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29-03-2021, 10:02

I really admire the clever use of tiles and sounds. This game is just so enormously polished. Well done.


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29-03-2021, 10:16

wyrdwad wrote:

Note that I've only played the game with a controller, so I don't actually know what button 2's equivalent is on the keyboard.

"C" is button 2... Esc is pause.

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