I have finished it!

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Par JohnHassink

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26-04-2021, 20:42

Daemos wrote:

yes it does. I am glad this journey is over. I have so many ideas and projects to be made. I can finally now turn my focus to them.

Anything yet which you'd like to tell us about? I think to remember some of your plans.

Par erpirao

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26-04-2021, 20:48

I think in this thread: Need some opinions.
exposes his projects.

Par Daemos

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26-04-2021, 21:01

Right now I am porting keen4 (yes I know many are dissapointed). Porting keen4 is great because it is shareware and I just love the graphics. Already having good progress on the engine. Scrolls are working and eventhandler is nearly working with some bugs left here and there so I could finish that one within a year.

But then I have some serious plans for a new game. I will need help and I know exactly who I will ask. Even though, yet again it will be open source I don't mind if the involved people need to make some profit first so a cartridge release will possibly happen prior to rom and source release. But I am thinking big on this one. Really big.

Par Victor

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26-04-2021, 21:07

Donation done...

Thanks for this amazing game...

Par thegeps

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27-04-2021, 08:34

DaikuMaryuGaiking wrote:

Ok, then I get the video on private link!

Video on private link is a nonsense if the link to that video is posted on a Facebook Public Group...

Jusy like "throw a stone and hide the hand"

Par msd

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27-04-2021, 11:25

Amazing job!

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