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Par AxelStone

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25-04-2021, 12:01

Hello guys, I don't know how to save game. In which moment should I press '0' key? I mean, I play several stages and after that I want to leave the game, so I suposse I should press '0' before start another stage to be able to save progress with savetool.com, it's in this way?

Suposse that I'm able to save game, how should be loaded? My current settings is Zemmix Neo and I try the following:

  • With Sofarun, if I hold '0' after ROM loading I get black screen.
  • With MGLOCM, if I hold '0' after ROM loading I go to BASIC but not able to perform CALL SYSTEM.

Thanks so much!

Par Briqunullus

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25-04-2021, 12:01

Thanks for your great work!

Par Daemos

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25-04-2021, 12:08

Savetool is meant as a tool to save your flash data. The game saves after finishing certain stages. Only if you have a mfr or carnivore2 with the latest flashtools. It writes to the flashrom. If there is no flahsrom to write to no savemenu will be presented to you either.

The savetool can then save your flashdata so in case you like to play another game your savegame won't be flashed over.

Par Max-me

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25-04-2021, 12:16

Any hints on getting this well known unknown project? Cool BTW congrats on finally finishing it.


Master (145)

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25-04-2021, 12:36

Great work! Finally finished what seems to be impossible on a plain msx2! I'm so excited to give it a go... please let me know how to get this! Thanks for you're hard work!


Enlighted (6980)

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25-04-2021, 12:47

Awesome project! Thanks for the effort and the dedication of these years
Paypal is the best way to support your work Smile

Par Ped7g

Expert (67)

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25-04-2021, 13:00

Congrats on finishing the project. Is it still assembled by sjasmplus? I assume it all worked well for you then, as I'm not aware of any new issue. Good luck with future projects. Smile

Par Daemos

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25-04-2021, 13:02

Yes it compiles on sjasmplus and my new project is sjasmplus as well. Thank you for your awesome work, you made it in the endgame credits Smile

Par erpirao

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25-04-2021, 13:12

Good morning, a question, in case of recording it in a 2MB multirom cartridge, like those of msxcalamr, the games are saved as in mfg or c2 ?.
Thank you so much

Par gdx

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25-04-2021, 13:18

Thank you very much Daemos and the Team! It works well on the Popolon Sound Cartridge. It would have been perfect with the JoySNES support but the joymega will suit to play so.

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