My first PSG-song in 35 years

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Par Totta

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11-06-2021, 00:00

When I was 13 I got my first computer, a Spectravideo 728, and like many others I created some primitive music in Basic. As I recall I managed to make one real song which was about 30 seconds long and used two channels. That's about it.

A few years later I owned an Amiga and I had a lot of fun with Noisetracker and Protracker but only 1-2 songs became ok. As I grew older and started a family I totally forgot about making music and it wasn't until I was about 32 that I discovered that trackers still existed and that they had also evolved into something amazing (Renoise) where one could use VST instruments and advanced effects etc. So I spent a lot of time the next years making songs that for the first time sounded the way they had always sounded inside my head.

Allow 16 more years to pass and we are here at today.

I am now 48 years old but I have never forgotten about my dear MSX and 2 weeks ago I had this idea of trying to create a serious song on it using only 3 channel PSG. No cheats. No samples. No external sound cards. Just plain old PSG just to see what I could do with such a limited sound chip.

So bare with me it was a steep learning curve to find out how to make the most of those square waves and random noise. I wanted to make the most out of the chip and never allow any channel to be silent for too long.

So here it is: My first attempt at making a complete song for the MSX. I made it using Arkos Tracker 2, meaning it should be possible to play on any standard MSX1 too.

I call the song "Groovy". Simply because it has a nice groove. It's an original work and is not derived from any other song. I have even created all the instruments and sounds myself instead of coyping someone elses.

Please listen at least 30 seconds since it changes style a bit after that.

Please feel free to comment what you think about it.
Should I make more music?

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Par thegeps

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11-06-2021, 00:48

Yes, you should.

Did you already listen it played by the PSG on real hardware and/or on openMSX? Arkos tracker sounds good but it hasn't an accurate PSG sound emulation (I prefere arkos made tunes played on msx than on PC). The arkos players are really good and it's easy to code a little routine to play your songs on MSX...

Par Grauw

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11-06-2021, 01:50

Really nice! Also, different from the styles we usually hear, very lighthearted!

Par S0urceror

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11-06-2021, 06:52

It’s now 10 mins later and the melody still sticks to my head. Catchy. Well done. Please continue.

Par wimpie3

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11-06-2021, 07:56

Really good!

Par Moniz

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11-06-2021, 08:40

Cool tune! I enjoyed that!
Is it possible to export it to a vgm track?

And your question about if you should make more music: don't ask us that. if you enjoy making music, keep doing it, I'll be happy to listen

Par Pac

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11-06-2021, 09:42

Totta wrote:

Please feel free to comment what you think about it.
Should I make more music?

Of course, good job! Despite the PSG soundchip is poor compared to others we love it. I propose you to start exploring the rest of MSX soundchips and trackers. I'm sure you could even contribute to MSX developments. Community needs people like you! Wink

Par Pencioner

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11-06-2021, 12:23

I enjoyed it a lot, please continue Smile
Would you like to make a rom for MSX with it (or maybe with some other future tunes with some replayer menu)? Let me know if so - I can help with that (was testing Arkos 2 replayer for MSX ROMs quite a while ago so got an experience with it)

Par black hawk

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11-06-2021, 12:43

Very nice tune, I like it. You should make more music.

Par GhostwriterP

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11-06-2021, 17:55

Indeed nice tune.

Par Ivan

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11-06-2021, 19:02

I really do like it. Perfectly suitable for an MSX game!

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