The new game Oohnograms gives you head-scratching puzzles to solve with well-known MSX characters as main-lead. This new Delta Soft game will be first available at the Nijmegen fair and they are now taking pre-orders.

Just like the famous Sudoku puzzles, the game Nonogram puzzle, aka Picross, or Griddlers, or Pic-a-Pix, gives you a rectangular grid to fill in the blanks. It lets you create an image using numbers as hints to which cell needs shading. The numbers indicate how many contiguous cells are shaded in the respective row or column. If there are multiple numbers given, there should be a space between shaded cells. A game that can vary in difficulty, just like Sudoku. It sure gives a new dimension to "drawing-by-numbers".

Dutch software group Delta Soft presents their MSX version of this game, called Oohnograms. Puzzle images are based on MSX characters, like game sprites, and there are 350 puzzles in total. Granting hours of gameplay accompanied by 40 different background tunes.

The game is available in both English and Dutch language and runs on MSX2 and higher generation with OPL4. It comes in various formats: 4x2DD (€ 17.50), or 1xCF (€ 17.50), Disk+CF combi (€ 30.00), digital download (€ 12.50).

The release date is set to the 16th of October 2021, at the Nijmegen MSX Fair event. Pre-order your copy by sending an e-mail to

relevant link: Trailer video
relevant link: Delta Soft web site

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  • Delta Soft takes pre-orders for their new game Oohnograms
  • Delta Soft takes pre-orders for their new game Oohnograms

Commentaires (9)

Par Randam

Paragon (1431)

Portrait de Randam

18-09-2021, 20:37

That is in insta buy!!! Amazing game concept; very much fitting the msx! Nice graphics, nice music, what is not to like.

Par Moniz

Champion (401)

Portrait de Moniz

19-09-2021, 13:24

Preorder madeSmile

Par defdanny

Scribe (391)

Portrait de defdanny

19-09-2021, 20:39

Guided Sprite drawing? Question
Looks interesting, indeed.

Par Briqunullus

Paladin (770)

Portrait de Briqunullus

19-09-2021, 20:52

A modern game for our classic system. Will there be ads between every level?

Par TheKid

Paragon (1238)

Portrait de TheKid

19-09-2021, 21:41

Hi briqunullus, not so modern that the game will be loaded with adds, that’s anoying. Just one puzzle after the other ????

Par Manuel

Ascended (19682)

Portrait de Manuel

19-09-2021, 21:47

Reminds me of Picture Puzzle from MSXDev04. I played that one quite a lot during the week after it got released.

Par Pac

Scribe (7104)

Portrait de Pac

20-09-2021, 21:54

Congratulations, great game I love it. I've known this game style thanks to Konami's Pixel Puzzle Collection for Android. Let me say that it's free and includes music from classic games. ;)

Par Samor

Prophet (2222)

Portrait de Samor

27-09-2021, 12:08

Do I need to pre order or can I just buy it @ nijmegen?

Par TheKid

Paragon (1238)

Portrait de TheKid

27-09-2021, 22:35

The game will be for sale at nijmegen aswell.