how to load large roms (2mb)

Par Moniz

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16-09-2021, 20:47

Hi all,

I just bought 2 Kai Magazine digital version games, both are roms that are 2mb.
I was hoping to be just able to run them with dafarun (sofarom) but I doesn't seem to be working.
I tried a few thing but I always seem to get the "no suitable device available" error.
The the harware setup Im using is a TR-GT, external 4mb mapper and a mega-flashrom (512, so too small anyways)
So, is there any way to play these games on real hardware using the roms or did I had to buy the cartridge versions...

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Par Grauw

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16-09-2021, 23:01

You have a MegaFlashROM SCC+ SD? Then load them with OPFXSD.