My latest MSX game: Westen House

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Par santiontanon

Paragon (1805)

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23-09-2021, 03:19

Haha, thanks!

My music skills are indeed average at most haha. But indeed, ignoring the intro and ending songs there are 3 in-game songs (although the 3rd just just a 15 second loop for some "special" rooms Wink ). Tongue

As for jumping for stairs. I know!! That makes me feel weird as well! I had it on my to-do list (together with trying to figure out a way to add a shadow on the character, and a few other things). I still want to tweak a few details that people have been reporting, so, maybe I have the chance to fix it before the final, final version Smile

edit: about the pinball. Not a bad idea! I loved Pinball Dreams/Fantasies in the Amiga and played lots of hours of them Smile

Par defdanny

Scribe (390)

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23-09-2021, 08:37

tfh wrote:

BTW... My guess is that the MSXDev'21 competitors this year are glad you didn't finish in time. This game would have been in my personal top-3 of this edition ;-)

I agree.

Par ren

Paragon (1934)

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23-09-2021, 09:38

Very cool. I do find the controls a bit awkward/clumsy (keyboard use). Some gripes & ideas/suggestions:

  • consider to enable the N key next to M (easier to reach, for me at least) (I recall at least a couple of Konami's that have both keys enabled as well);
  • although graph would have been more convenient altogether perhaps;
  • it's kinda annoying you have to pick an empty spot first when picking something up;
  • sometimes by accident you move the inventory cursor when trying to interact with the environment.

As far as moving the character goes, it's just something to get used to, but I think I would have preferred up == NW / right == NE.


Par wolf_

Ambassador_ (10109)

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23-09-2021, 09:53

Very smart colours/tiles, considering the pixel limitations! I think at first sight many could be fooled thinking it's sc5. Wink

Par hap

Paragon (2042)

Portrait de hap

23-09-2021, 11:04

Great looking game =)
I agree that the character walking direction is a bit awkward(that's subjective i guess). If the game is still WIP, you could make those it optional. So, a settings screen where you can change to +45 or -45degrees rotated directions, and some other settings you can come up with?

Another thing that could be helpful to players: when switching inventory to another item, you could post the description to the message window, eg. "front door key".

Par Latok

msx guru (3938)

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23-09-2021, 11:41

Great looking game, I'm already stuck though. I opened a door with a key, lit an oil lamp, found a weak crate and that's it. No idea where to go or what to do Smile

Par Arjan

Paladin (787)

Portrait de Arjan

23-09-2021, 12:28

Well done! I also really like that everything is open source Smile I took a quick peek and already saw some interesting ideas for code formatting (e.g. indentation levels for stack operations).

As for the controls, maybe adding an alternative control scheme like I/O/K/L makes it less confusing which direction you'll move. (Or better yet, full freedom of movement where Up = North, Up+Right = North East, ... but that might not be so easy to implement)

Par gdx

Enlighted (6210)

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23-09-2021, 12:37

It looks very nice!

Par ren

Paragon (1934)

Portrait de ren

23-09-2021, 13:50

@Latok (hardly a spoiler, but anyway):
[spoiler]you might have missed a certain doorway (look carefully)..[/spoiler]

Par santiontanon

Paragon (1805)

Portrait de santiontanon

23-09-2021, 15:26

Thanks for all the suggestions everyone!!

Game is pretty much finished, but for these finishing touches, I'm more than happy to fix/improve them. So, all feedback/suggestions are very welcome! Big smile

@ren: good idea that of also allowing "N" (I did that for The Menace from Triton, as I always got confused myself, but for some reason didn't carry it over for this game!) (and "graph")

As for the moving directions, I've gotten that report 3/4 times already, so, I'm thinking of adding a toggle to change from the current up = north, up-right = north-east, etc. to what @hap suggests (rotate 45 degrees, so that "up = north-east", "up-right = east", etc.).

@Latok: let us know if you are still stuck, happy to give clues via a private message Smile

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