Music during loading. Is it possible?

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Par Timmy

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28-10-2021, 19:20

Thanks for explaining how long it took to load msx games. I can only remember needing 15 minutes to load 128k spectrum games.

So glad the MSX has roms that can load instantly. Smile

Par Grauw

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28-10-2021, 19:39

Timmy wrote:

So glad the MSX has roms that can load instantly. Smile

As a result nobody wants the cassette tapes, so for collecting MSX software on the cheap cassette games are much more affordable if you don’t mind it Smile. And I suspect that games which were only released on tape are probably relatively lesser known and perhaps underappreciated.

Par Manuel

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29-10-2021, 18:01

The Argentinian cracks from Red Point had basic music during loading.

Par sd_snatcher

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30-10-2021, 15:49

snake wrote:

Mass storage devices access is performed through bios, and these bios routines work only when interrupt is disabled.

I don't know about the other mass storage cartridges, but at least the newest drivers for the IDE and SD-Mapper do not disable the interrupts on disk access. So it's perfectly possible to play music while loading data.

It wouldn't be exactly a very long tune though, since the loading is very fast. Smile

Probably more useful for mid-game loading without pausing the BGM.

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