SCREEN 1 - Different color for textlines

Par cetec

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30-12-2021, 15:44

Hi MSX-Fans,

how do I program in MSX1 BASIC text in different colors for SCREEN1?

Hope you can help


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30-12-2021, 16:08

Define multiple copies of the characters in different color ranges.
No other way, sorry

Par wolf_

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30-12-2021, 18:55

If the word isn't very long, say 8 character of 8x8... you could of course 'plot' the word using inverted black sprites, then you can have any background you want.

But hey... ^_^

Par cetec

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30-12-2021, 20:37

Thank you all very much!
I will better use SCREEN2 instead of SCREEN1.
Happy new year with a lot of MSX fun.


Par Amaury Carvalho

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30-12-2021, 22:33

If you use MSXBAS2ROM compiler you can write a program just like that to do it:

30 SET TILE PATTERN 65, (,,,,,,,255)
40 A$ = INPUT$(1)
50 SET TILE COLOR 65, 4, 8
60 A$ = INPUT$(1)

Line 30 modify the pixels of the 8th line of the character 65 (draw a line below it), and line 50 modify the fore/back colors of the characters around 65.

If you change the line 10 to "SCREEN 2 : SET TILE ON", the fore/back colors will affect only the character specified.

Par cetec

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03-01-2022, 12:34

There is a problem now: After my BASIC-Prg was finished and saved on a virtual disc image in openMSX and I load it again, half of the code at the end was missed. I wrote it again save and load and it was the same... I used another disc image and a other virtual MSX in OpenMSX - same. I make an upgrade from 16 to openMSX17, but the same... What can this be? I use openMSX in Manjaro.