V9990 is not part of MSX

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17-03-2022, 13:16

It's cheaper and uses less I/O ports to put everything in the same chip. So the v9978 rumor is more credible than the v9958 + v9990 to make a MSX3 at time. Now, the MSX3 have to use the same I/O ports to be compatible with the v9990. However, Mr Nishi will probably put the Kanjis that were planned in the VROM. There will therefore be an incompatibility. Maybe he shouldn't have given in and not included the v9990.

Dreamerm42 wrote:

Current graphics cards, work with several simultaneous cores, NeoGeo, MegaDrive and Game Boy color use several cpus for compatibility or for other purposes...

The problem doesn't arise with the future MSX3 since everything will be in one chip.

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17-03-2022, 14:59

Besides the FPGA implementation of the v9958 already being done and free so it shouldn't cost as much.

I think you meant SFC or GBA which both does have a separate CPU for audio like Neo Geo and Mega Drive both does. The Game Boy Color only uses one CPU, the same Sharp SM83 as the original DMG. It has a separate video and audio processors, but that's no different from how the MSX (and almost every other system of the time) works with its VDP and PSG.

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