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Par thegeps

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02-02-2022, 20:49

Were you waiting for an uodate? This time I added bullet management: single, 3-way, 5-way.
But the first thing you will notice is the initial voice sample and the presence, finally, of the music!

And now I want to thank:

Artrag, for his incredible encoder. PCMENC produces samples of amazing quality!

Toni Galvez, for lending her voice and recording the sample (and for the proposal / promise to take care of the graphics in the final stages of the project)

Bitcaffe, for this music (not yet definitive) and for all those that still have to compose.

As usual, set the video to 720p50 to not lose frames (and smoothness)
In the first comment of the video the link to play it at File-Hunter

Welcome to Turrican!


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Par santiontanon

Paragon (1832)

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02-02-2022, 20:55

Wow, this is happening!! Very cool progress!!

A small nit: it seems the diagonal bullets are faster than the horizontal ones, right?

Par thegeps

Paragon (1260)

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02-02-2022, 21:18

Yep, well the 45 degrees one have same horizontal but vertical too
They move 1char x and 1 char y
The in between ones (say 30 degrees?) to keep same angle of their shape have to move 2chars x and only then 1 char y, so even faster than yhe 45degrees ones...
Maybe I'll set a delay for them

Par karloch

Prophet (2159)

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03-02-2022, 00:01

Nice PSG tune of the first stage theme!

Par thegeps

Paragon (1260)

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03-02-2022, 01:43

Almost forgot!
Press P to change weapon grade single/3/5way bullets

Par gdx

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03-02-2022, 02:22

I game is well on its way to making a must. Smile

Is this noise that seems to saturate made on purpose?
Maybe the fire shouldn't go through the water (or found a trick) to make it proper.

Par thegeps

Paragon (1260)

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03-02-2022, 08:59

About sounds/noisea you have to ask to Bitcaffe but yes, I think so. He decided to be crative and modify the beginning (also because some effects are really hard to do with a psg without a 68000 cpu as they had for Atari ST version)
About bullets through water... well, the code manage water as "transparent" surface (so the main character could fall into the falls). I have to check how it behaves in the original game
I have to check also the order of chars definition, because transparent ones are the animated ones too. So if waterfalls are the first ones it is a metter of change the value of CP. Else to do so the waterfalls blocks have to be moved in both main gfx file and in animation definition file too (still doable but more annoying, XD)

Par thegeps

Paragon (1260)

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03-02-2022, 09:03

Just re-read first post of this thread...
Obviously, talking of Toni voice, I meant HIS voice not "her". But my smartphone word suggestion/completion decided differently -.-


Enlighted (6978)

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03-02-2022, 10:45

Very good!

Par Rataplan

Champion (354)

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03-02-2022, 12:18

Very impressive indeed! Missing the copper-backgrounds though Wink

Par thegeps

Paragon (1260)

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03-02-2022, 13:15

Well, there were only on Turrican2 Wink
And only on Amiga, of course Wink

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