multimente and other programs (like VGMplay)

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19-02-2022, 16:34

Hi all,

I'm using multimente to play multiple VGM files, it works but I havent figured out how to properly set it up yet.
Currently I added the lines .vgm vgmplay $t and .vgz vgmplay $T in the mmret.dat and that does the job fine as long vgmplay is in the same folder as the rest of the vgm files.
is there a way to let MM know that vgmplay is in the MM folder and then use that to play files in a different folder?
Now I have to copy vgmplay in every folder with vgm's in it (quite al lot...)
If thats possible then I'll try to make other programs work like that as well..


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Par Jipe

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19-02-2022, 16:45

have try to added the VGM folder in the path of your AUTOEXEC.BAT ?

Par Moniz

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19-02-2022, 17:11

you mean every folder that has vgm's in it or the folder that has vgmplay in it?

Par Grauw

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19-02-2022, 17:26

The latter. In AUTOEXEC.BAT you can add a line like:


And put VGMPLAY.COM in the root directory or the UTILS directory. Then if it can not find it in the current directory, it will search for it in the directories specified in the PATH.