"Early Works on MSX"

Par djh1697

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08-05-2022, 20:29

I found an album called early works on MSX. It isn't my usual style of music, but I think it could have been done on either an FM-PAC or Yamaha CX5M?



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Par NetNomad

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09-05-2022, 01:24

Just found the same album on bandcamp. Here are the liner notes from that page:


In the early 2000's, when 8-bit game consoles had already become a retro existence, he immersed himself in music production on the Famicom (NES) in order to explore his musical roots.
However, in the process, his interest shifted to the MSX, which was popular in his hometown at the same time as the Famicom and was too expensive to acquire at the time.
Then, he got a used MSX unit and prepared the composition environment by repairing FDD and modifying it to use the sound chip (SCC) that was installed in Konami ROM cartridges.
Once the environment was in place, he started composing music using the sound driver MuSICA, making full use of MML (Music Macro Language), which he had learned from creating music data for Famicom.

Nearly 20 years later, he discovered some of the music that had been created.
And he has decided to release them on CODONA.

This time, it's releasing two songs, "Girls in my dream", which expresses the recollections of girls in a dream, and "Sky in the chip", which is a kick sound using pulse wave, the first song created on MSX.
Both are milestone early works born from the exploration of their roots.
These two songs were recorded using Konami's SCC sound source in addition to the standard MSX sound source.

In addition, a limited number of floppy disks containing tones and MML data created with MuSICA, including playing file data in BGM file format, be sold only at bandcamp.

...miraculously, the release date is the same day that the Famicom (NES) was released in 1983.
Dedicated to all chiptune lovers.

So I guess it was SCC!