MSX Music patches from arcade games by ToughkidCST

MSX Music patches from arcade games by ToughkidCST

par Pac on 12-06-2022, 13:52
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What happen when a chiptune enthusiast gives free rein to his imagination and creativity? Add the required knowledge and resources to this and you will achieve the perfect cocktail. This is what the korean user ToughkidCST brings to the MSX scene with his new patches.

In the 80's multiple arcade games were ported to MSX and, taking into account the big hardware differences, we enjoyed decent ports from those well-known classics in our beloved computers. Without going into detail, we can even state that the MSX2 ports were visually close to the originals thanks to its powerful VDP. Another thing is the sound quality where most of these ports used the poor PSG as a sound source.

And here is where ToughkidCST comes to save us. As you might know, today old game soundtracks are commonly available in VGM format so all he needed was the cooperation of Grauw to integrate his great VGMPlay player into the games. As a result, these are the patches available so far:

  • Bubble Bobble
  • Kikikaikai
  • The Legend of Kage
  • Scramble Formation

Due to the wide variety of arcade machines, please keep in mind that these patches require some special sound hardware such as Moonsound, Yamaha SFG-01 & SFG-05 (YM2151-OPM), Neotron or Makoto (YM2608-OPNA) cartridges.

But that's not all! There are more patches to come. ToughkidCST keeps working on them and is asking for your support so hopefully this will open the way for more enhanced MSX arcade games in near future.

Relevant link: ToughkidCST's arcade BGM enhancement patches on Github
Relevant link: ToughkidCST on Twitter
Relevant link: ToughkidCST on Youtube

Commentaires (6)

Par tfh

Prophet (3430)

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12-06-2022, 17:15

Love the Bubble Bobble music Smile

Par Pac

Scribe (7108)

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12-06-2022, 17:26

This is awesome. Following the same method we could enjoy the YM2413 soundtracks from Sega Master System. As far as I know and if I don't miss any, these are the games the MSX shares with Sega:

  • Golvellius
  • Fantasy Zone
  • Fantasy Zone II
  • Out Run
  • Penguin Land
  • Power Strike (Aleste)
  • Rastan Saga
  • R-type
  • Ultima IV
  • Wonder Boy in Monster Land
  • Ys

Probably the FM sound from Golvellius, Power Strike (Aleste) and R-type were the same than MSX but with minor changes. Even the PSG version can be slightly different . The VGM files (YM2413 and PSG) from Sega games are available here.

Par Manuel

Ascended (19682)

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12-06-2022, 22:26

But there are also so many arcade games that could be done with the (almost) original arcade music, right?
Anyway, very curious which other games ToughKidCST is going to enhance Smile I am getting very addicted to enhanced MSX game patches!!

Par gdx

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13-06-2022, 02:53

I don't know most of the sound extensions mentioned. The wiki doesn't mention them.

Par Moniz

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18-06-2022, 18:16

Nice to see this progression and abilities to add music from more advanced soundexpensions into older games!
Would it be possible to add the megadrive music from Ys3 to the msx version this way?

Par Pac

Scribe (7108)

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25-06-2022, 18:22