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Par gdx

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05-06-2022, 13:24

Hi sunday musicians,

Lovely Composer is a powerful music editor for PC but that seems very easy to use and cut. From what I understood with it you can directy develop using original sound chip of your choice via the MIDI interface. There are several sound expansions with the PSG, SN76489, SCC, YM2413, or other old chip for the midi/usb interface in Japan. is a tool in Python language that allows to convert musics created with Lovely Composer for PSG Sound Driver.

The result is nice. Here is a example in video:

Has anyone ever used this? It seems quite effective.

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Par ericb59

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29-12-2022, 09:24

Just found that Lovely Composer today, while looking for PSG driver.

It's seems to be a nice tool.There is a version for Windows and for Linux. Just waiting for a MacOS version to be perfect ! Wink

It seems a MacOS Version exists as a beta