Physiscal Led support on raspberri PI openmsx

Par Daemos

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29-08-2022, 11:20

Title says it all. It was rather simple and it works. By using the wiringPi library and some amateuristic hacks in the openmsx source code I have physical led support via GPIO on the raspberri pi. Waiting for the actual leds to arrive then I can make some nice pictures but the DVM and testleds do not lie. The leds light up and off accordingly. Did not implement kana as well not practical with the GPIO pins so I had to sacrifice 1 led.

@Manuel: My code hack is really terrible cheap and amateuristic but extremely simple and propably 5 minutes of work to properly implement in your project as an optional compilation step. Interested?

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Par Manuel

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29-08-2022, 20:59

You can always offer the pull request. Anyone interested can then still use it or build upon it.